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    1. Thanks. I don’t know anything about this kind of music, but they are two of the cutest human puppies I’ve ever seen.

  1. Sorry, it’s terrible. And the first clue it would be is their guitar: To do a Jimi Hendrix song, you seriously need an electric guitar just to start with. And to turn a Hendrix song into a [C]RAP piece of bullshit? NO way — they don’t even do that with any class.

    Maybe they can sing (with “[C]RAP”, you can never tell), but they would better serve singing something from either Simon & Garfunkel or The Everly Brothers — or similar.

    Yeah, I know several of you are going to waste your time trying to offend me, but that’s tough shit. I have just as much right as you do with your “they’re cute!” saccharin. They seriously need a REAL critique.

    1. Silly me, I always thought Bob Dylan wrote “All Along The Watchtower” apart from that I do agree this re-rendering is execrable botty water !

      1. Yes, Dylan wrote the song originally, in 1967. IMO people should stop bastardizing it and just enjoy what’s already been given to us. Cute boys though :P

      2. Even though Bob Dylan wrote “All Along The Watchtower,” it was Jimi Hendrix that sang it with his own personal guitar style that made that song into the classic it is today — and these two just ruined a classic rock song.

    2. Ahh I get it. You think all non white people music is crap because as a little white boy (now I imagine an old man) anything outside your fragile white bubble is “CRAP”. From a young white guy, to me there is nothing more painfully cliche than old white guy moaning that “they should have been playing Simon & Garfunkel!”

      Don’t get me wrong, the artists you mention are great artists- but learn to step outside your comfort bubble.

      1. “You think all non white people music is crap ”

        Hardly. Some of my favorite music are by BLACK singers: Supremes, Chi-Lites, just to name a couple of the DOZENS that I thoroughly enjoy.

        No, the problem is you’re so fucking hung up on being POLITICALLY CORRECT, you FAIL TO UNDERSTAND what REAL MUSIC is all about. Get out of your own fucking BUBBLE of being PC. The likes of you is what elected Trump and continually feed on the totally IGNORANT “fake news” about Russia when there’s so much EVIDENCE against him.

        [C]”RAP” is just 99% tribal noise, not singing, not real music at all. To understand THAT is knowing what pure music really is and not be afraid of criticizing that BS known as [C]”RAP”.

        And you must obviously be ashamed to be white [assuming you are] — that appears to be why you’re so afraid of telling the TRUTH about TALENT, not the color of one’s skin. How does it feel to be so fucking socially STUPID?

        BTW, idiot, you didn’t even notice that I criticized them to defend Jimi Hendrix and HIS music?

        1. Its funny you bring up Trump, because everything you said previously made me assume you were a Trump supporter…

        2. “No, the problem is you’re so fucking hung up on being POLITICALLY CORRECT, you FAIL TO UNDERSTAND what REAL MUSIC is all about. ”

          (etc etc ad nauseam)

          Oh child, just once – would it be possible for you to respond to something with which you disagree without such aggression?
          You think that coming in with all guns blazing is in any way effective, that attempting to crush disaccord by SHOUTING achieves anything?

  2. Penboy, I wasn’t really listening to the music. I was too busy looking at these two cuties. They are too young for me, I’ve got a daddy fetishist, apart from my boyfriend who is 26. I’m 29 coming 30, (sigh). As a bitch boy it takes a man to get my juices going. But these two kittens are cuties who will grow into two heartbreakers. I would like to see them in a few years. As I said, I wasn’t even listening to their singing. God, I wish I was 15 again.

  3. Surely for great songs to last they have to be open to the interpretation of a new generation.

    These two lads made the ‘watchtower’ their own, it doesn’t denigrate or diminish previous versions, they opened it up for a new generation. Just as Bob Dylan reinterpreted/s the language of traditional songs, and/or penned his own, new generations can and will do the same.

    Grow up and stop being such an old grinch penis breath, or whatever you are calling yourself nowadays.

    1. Read my reply to your equally ignorant snowflake friend. That applies to you as well.

      And, FUCK YOU if you can’t read MY NAME …. yours is even WORSE.

  4. Good gods you’re a bunch of assholes. It’s a decent cover by a couple of cute kids. Conner has the most beautiful eyes.

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