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  1. This wanna lover can NOT, and, dare NOT, ever, have relationship with a stone cold guy, even if a mere whore, NO matter HOW interesting. Such a guy guarantees a one night stand [and, fall]. ha ha ha . Nice picture and pose though.
    — Q: Why does the re-do of Michelangelo’s painting in the Vatican look as if it is a cartoon ?
    — A: Cause that is as it is originally ! Giant picture paintings CANNOT be doable otherwise. The artist makes an out line, which is of the name cartoon, yes, the origin of the name cartoon is as such, not new even then. The helpers color it, fill it in, as artist says so. Then the artist finishes its details … to the extent possible. Details MUST be less than portraiture … it is a GIANT paint picture, not a thing for your wall at home !

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