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  1. 😘Love the hair and face…
    specially in the other photos, could have been done today.
    ~So beautiful!

  2. Very Nice, wouldn’t mind having it in my backyard. LOL I just wish there was a better photo of the boy’s face.

      1. The copy is made of marble, whereas the original is made of alabaster. Both are equally beautiful.

  3. @George
    😊’More photos'(in red) link under image has some nice face shots plus info. bout the sculpture.
    😏Wouldn’t mind having in my ‘private’ back yard either!!

    1. Yes Devil, I saw that too, and went to that site. But since there wasn’t a good photo of the boy’s face, I went on an internet search for others photos, and was lucky enough to find one with a better view. LOL But thanks for the info.

  4. Most of the pictures of this work are of the plaster in the Milles museum. You can see the seams on the figure where the mold(s) were removed. The hair has a missing piece (in the plaster) in front, as well. The marble would have been made from the plaster model and I believe there is only one marble work at the hotel mentioned. The colorized/tinted photos are of the same plaster. Very nice. If you look down, below the boy’s feet, you can see the faces of two of the water nymphs ready to reclaim the boy. If you love Freudian interpretations, look up the story of Hylas, it’s a doozy!

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