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  1. 😘Love the hair and face…
    specially in the other photos, could have been done today.
    ~So beautiful!

  2. Very Nice, wouldn’t mind having it in my backyard. LOL I just wish there was a better photo of the boy’s face.

      1. The copy is made of marble, whereas the original is made of alabaster. Both are equally beautiful.

  3. @George
    😊’More photos'(in red) link under image has some nice face shots plus info. bout the sculpture.
    😏Wouldn’t mind having in my ‘private’ back yard either!!

    1. Yes Devil, I saw that too, and went to that site. But since there wasn’t a good photo of the boy’s face, I went on an internet search for others photos, and was lucky enough to find one with a better view. LOL But thanks for the info.

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