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  1. ❦Not only exquisite but dramatic, thanks for bringing this feature back. It’s been quite awhile since such art has graced milkboys.

  2. Is this sculpture a “celebration” of killing an Eagle? If it is, it’s disgusting, regardless of the quality of the work.

    I find seeing wild birds of prey such as Eagles (Hawks, Owls, etc) to be one of the most beautiful sights in nature.

    A better “celebration” would be of this boy silencing a priest for chastising him for being nude.

    1. Yawn…

      Must be quite difficult being you, seeing imperfection in such a thing of rare beauty.
      Does it not occur to you that “L’Vainquer” (the winner) is an allegorical representation, not literal? That it may be a physical representation of an abstract notion?

      No. It’s clearly nothing more than a bird being killed.
      What a dullard you are, Penboy.

      1. Catflap:
        “That it may be a physical representation of an abstract notion?”

        You’re entitled to your own opinion, just as I am. But to call this an “abstract notion” is totally absurd. It’s a physical representation of what has happened through the centuries of human domination of Earth. Hundred of animal species (not mention the vast number of species in the oceans) have been made extinct by very similar and worse “physical representations of abstract notion” (as you seem to label this act of violence).

        Oh, and just because the Eagle is not yet dead, we’re to celebrate this senseless violence? Sorry, not me.

        Again, the immaturity of this reply is to now be expected from milkboys — and failure to read properly. No mention that I alluded (twice) to the obvious quality of the statue — which I would never deny.

        And, yes, I looked at the alternate views and angles — which, if I ignore the celebrated violence, do appreciate the image of the boy.

        I should be “yawning” at the insistence of the immature replies just to poke a stab at ‘Penboy’ — it’s become so common now, it’s lost its “shock value.”

          1. “Uncle Harry” TROLL:

            Such insightful “wisdom”! You should put that into a book that you can brainwash people to read and believe in.

            Oh, wait, it’s already in a book. It’s called the bible.

      2. Penboy ‘s right. This is purely the lust of killing an innocent creature : let nature do it’s work!

      1. This ^

        And as horselips said:
        “To sculpt Zeus as an eagle and Ganymede, the most beautiful boy in the world, is a most ambitious undertaking, to pull it off, is genius.”

        Genius indeed.

    2. Lets put aside the fact that this was created at a time when Eagles were plentiful. Lets put aside how much meat you have eaten in your life. Or even the fact that as much as react in disgust at this you defend practices like male infant circumcision, yet draw the line at killing birds?!

      No lets focus on the reality that this is just a hunk of marble. Or are you the type that needs one of those warnings “No actual eagles were harmed in the production of this statue.”

      1. “you defend practices like male infant circumcision”
        You are a liar. I’ve never defended it except for the sole reason of REAL health problems resulting from not doing it because the doctors couldn’t heal the boy without the procedure.

        “No lets focus on the reality that this is just a hunk of marble. ”
        Celebrating violence against Eagles. Our symbol, the Bald Eagle nearly went extinct because of human intervention like insecticides and other poisons that the adult birds ingested which (one problem only) made their egg shells extra thin and weak which killed many offspring. And not to mention the senseless killing just for their [mostly] white tail feathers and other macho reasons.

  3. If you google image search you’ll find yet another interesting angle, too. That sculptor must have been quite familiar with boys’ bodies. :-)

  4. An allegory of Ganymede’s conquest of Zeus? Note, the eagle isn’t dead, merely captured.

  5. IS this a debating club now???
    I love the greek and roman sculpture, even better in reality.

  6. To sculpt Zeus as an eagle and Ganymede, the most beautiful boy in the world, is a most ambitious undertaking, to pull it off, is genius. Thabard made a number of works requiring naked young or adolescent boys as models … uh oh, there I go thinking again.

    1. “Ganymede, the most beautiful boy in the world

      A very limited world, to be sure … after all, there were several very interesting societies already in the “Far East,” not to mention those societies most probably forming around the equatorial Amazon river — all establishing themselves in their own right.

      Again, just another view of the concept of “beautiful boy.” What is it they say? Oh, yes, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. :-)

        1. Never happen. For instance, there’s your stupid name that you stole.

          Plus, we STILL have Trump in the White House. But, he’ll be out either by Impeachment, 25th Amendment or death.

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