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  1. I’ll bet Adolf had a great time during the making of that and kept in contact with the model

  2. A bit of perspective:

    He lived to be 74 years old.
    This statue was created between during 1870 and 1873.
    That would make him approx. 51 – 54 years old.
    Whatever model he used looks to be around 11-13 [tops] years old.

    We are STILL admiring the appearance and body of a boy 11-13 y.o. made by a 51-54 old man.

    Is there now any doubt that [let’s call it pederasty, but not ‘technically’] has always been and will always be in every society on Earth?

    1. There is no doubt for those with eyes to see and a brain to think. Of course, to say it out loud you also need a large portion of courage. Eyes, brain and courage in a single individual – I’m afraid that excludes almost everyone. :/

      Wonderful piece of art of a cute boy though. :) Putting boys back in milkboys.

  3. Is there any doubt that future famous boys, as well as regular street boys, might more than merely like each other ? And might may be also fall in love with each other ? And may be share sex with each other before they do so with girls ? And that this is a real ? And always is as a real for some and has been a real for some ? And is there any realistic questing about the how and if the will is ever to be a gone ? Will such be an always be a real for some in most every society on Earth?
    🍑🍑 🍑 and cream. ✨✨ !! Not since am 8 years old.

    1. Boys having sex with boys? The mere thought makes feminists explode with anger. :D

      1. FEM -DOMS, as do come to name them, might very well HATE this statue and others like it. FEMINISTS write explicitly their desire to exterminate the male and have a self engineering birthing of their own. Most male statues are FEM-DOM hates. There is no feminine equal am aware of since VENUS. ( Feminists hate this here guy absolutely. ) ( So do most people, but, especially feminists )

  4. Hi all!

    Thanks for sharing these images.

    Same sculptor
    Adolf von Hildebrand: Schlafender Hirtenknabe [= sleeping shepherd boy], 1871/73
    von Hildebrand was 24-26yo then.

    Another German sculptor: Johannes Hirt (1859 Fürth (Odenwald) – 1917 (Karlsruhe))
    Hygieia fountain (1905–1909)
    Sculptor Johannes Hirt was 46-50yo then.

    source: Hygieia-Brunnen (Karlsruhe) – Wikipedia

    These sculptures are so detailed and true-to-life that it’s likely that these sculptors worked with real (naked) models:
    unthinkable nowadays.

    1. Indeed, both the wonderful statue of a cute shepherd boy as well as the beautiful fountain in Karlsruhe (I hadn’t seen the latter before – thanks!) shows boys so lifelike – just watch the boy trying to climb into the fountain – that you almost expect them to be warm to the touch, and as if the only reason they don’t move is because you’re watching a picture – and when watching the actual statues, because the boy chooses to stay still.

      Of course they used boys as models. These pieces of art are from a much more civilised era, one we will never see again, or so it seems.

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