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statuesaturday001This is Sebastian. A statue inspired by Greco-Roman depictions of the youth Antinous, the myth of Narcissus, and the selfie. It’s made out of bronze and created using 3D printing technology. The version above was done by Casey Spooner with 23 carat gold leaf and semen. The whole thing is baded on a real life model as you can see in the video below:

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  1. I’d like to cover Sebastian with semen too. In return, I’d swallow all of his.

  2. This is a very interesting “Saturday.”

    After yesterday while looking at some images of Hayden Byerly (Jude of “The Fosters”) with a cat, I half-expected you might post a pic of ‘Jude’ with his pet cat.

      1. @Mskina:

        I said that because I watched this video:
        — or one very similar and had read somewhere that they made these videos by compiling the posts Hayden & Gavin put up on their social media pages, so I assumed there would be some still images of Hayden & his cat somewhere. But if you’re resourceful enough, you can pull off one of the images from this video.

  3. He is much to insecure in front of the cam, very nervous, lots of arm action and wild gestures… Good body, but thats all so far.

  4. Sebastian is a super model, one of the most famous male super models in the world in fact.

  5. What a fantastic young man…….I love his video and the warm manner in which he invites us all to get to know more about this beautiful statue. He is truly gorgeous!

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