School Segregation

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Public schools in the US are increasingly divided by race and class. John Oliver discusses the troubling trend towards school resegregation.

Try this link if the video is not available in your country

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  1. It’s what those Trump supporters mean when they say they “want our country back”. They want to go back to the good old days when whites live with only whites, and the blacks… well, who gives a damn what happens to them. I live in Chicago and it is like two different cities. One mostly white and affluent, and the other poor black. Very segregated.

    1. The Windy City has been run by Democrats forever, the majority of folks there are Democrats, the laws and culture reflect the progressive agenda, and voila, your liberal paradise is … segregated, as well as practically bankrupt. Little wonder that in poll after poll, a majority perceives deteriorating race relations. As usual, libs are all talk, no action.

  2. We shook the dust off our feet against you fuckers 240 years ago and have not looked back. No one gives a toss what the Brits think about school segregation in the U. S.

    1. So because the man presenting the information has an accent, you dismiss everything he has to say. I guess that saves you a lot of time. Why think about things that challenge you, when you can just dismiss it outright?

      (By the way, while Jon Oliver may have a British accent, he lives in the US, his show is produced in the US by American writers and researchers and producers.)

  3. I do always hope that Milkboys will not be troubled by right winged morons but look above me and you will see, lo and behold, the loss of my hopes.
    Especially Geoff Harvard, you truly represent every stereotype about egotistical Americans who only live for themselves and are incredibly dogmatic.

    1. Sorry JayJay, but you’ve spoken with all the intolerance and arrogance of a committed totalitarian-progressive elitist. Heaven forbid Milkboys allow an open, unrestricted exchange of ideas regarding topics of interest to our LGBT community, and all our societies, whatever nation we hail from. It’s crypto-fascist, neo-Bolshevik cosmopolites like you that try to wreck the concept of freedom of speech, thought, and conscience, and twist the genteel civility of political correctness into a vehicle of repression and compulsive conformity.

      May the hairs on your ass mesh at the moment of relief. Unless, of course, you shave back there. But that’s another thread…

  4. The mugs who want The Donald to make amerika grate again will preside over the death of the Union.
    A black, communist homosexual resident of Jew York who was an old friend of mine predicted it years ago.
    California and the rest of the west coast can comfortably survive on their own and without the dead hand of the xtian fundie nutjobs dragging them back into the swamp may well restore a little of the lost lustre.

    How anyone can watch the clip and feel only the need to disregard the content due to the presenter’s nationality beggars belief.

    “There is nothing more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”

    1. @kinkynuts:
      “There is nothing more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”

      Then your neighbors must give you a wide leeway when you’re walking around the neighborhood .

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