What did You learn at School today? Homophobia.

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Keeping LGBT issues out of schools is a fool’s errand. Some seven percent of millennials—who now account for the majority of the U.S. workforce—now identify as LGBT. The legalization of same-sex marriage has ushered in sweeping cultural change, too. Fewer teachers will feel like they have to hide who they are, or like they must leave the LGBT history untaught.

And yet, in recent weeks, there have been a rash of national news stories about LGBT issues—and, indeed, LGBT people—being pushed out of schools. LGBT teachers are getting suspended or fired. Some parents in Illinois are working themselves into a tizzy over LGBT history making its way into textbooks. And across the border in Alberta, there is considerable controversy over the fact that gay-straight alliances do not have to notify parents if their children come to extracurricular meetings.

Taken together, these stories paint a depressing picture of the state of LGBT acceptance today: For some Americans, the fantasy persists that schools can and should be LGBT-free zones. Age-old fears about teachers indoctrinating children, or “turning them gay,” still have power. And even some parents who consider themselves to be allies of LGBT adults will draw an uncrossable line in the sandbox. Read on…

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  1. American statistics tend to ruin it for reality when it comes to LGBT acceptance. Most of the “Christian” version of the world doesn’t really care if someone isn’t a heterosexual – jury is still out on the other major religions and those ridiculously far right wing “Christians”.

  2. And for those who went to school before the Millennials, there’s adult education too: The French Police announced earlier this week, on Homophobia/Transphobia day, that they named a commissaire in charge of LGBT education, how to deal with their LGBT “customers.”

    Alles klar, Herr Kommissar?

    In English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-bgiiTxhzM

    By the way, Falco, who was straight, had a song that’s great and also really appropriate for coming outs and prides: Out of the dark (into the light). I discovered him, or probably rediscovered, because I had totally forgotten about that Kommissar thing, in this tribute to French actor Gaspard Ulliel:

  3. A big part of the usa homophobia comes from closeted queers or otherwise conflicted people, who may or may not have actual relations. They are sad people. Look at VP Pence. Regardless of whether he directly acts out any sexuality, a man who will not go into even an elevator, or a meeting, alone with a woman evidently has serious issues. Think about it, a person at a pinnacle of leadership positions who is so flawed that they cannot be alone with another gender for a few seconds. Beyond superficially stating this, I cannot begin to comprehend the mental instability of the person, nor what this says about a system that places a person like this in a position of such power. I could continue with others but….
    On a different note, I can understand how the men, and women, in power positions can become highly sexualized, i.e. the various affairs they have; as sex can be useful in dealing with stress (releases oxytocins, etc.).

  4. Some seven percent of millennials—who now account for the majority of the U.S. workforce—now identify as LGBT.”

    I don’t know the source of that statistic [7%], and I read where millennials are of the ages of 20 years around the turn of the 21st century (somewhere in that 20 years is 2001 — no one source seems to agree when it is exactly.) But, whatever, that figure is additional proof of what I’ve been saying for many years: Numbers of LGBTs [in the USA] are a magnitude higher than what’s usually reported — and that 7% is only for the “millennials”. Start adding the numbers for several other groups: Seniors, younger ages than what would be “allowed” to report, other age groups, other races, certain professions, others who are just afraid to tell the truth publicly, military people, etc. and you’ll quickly see how 15-20% of any given society is a lot more accurate. And I’ll even push it closer to the border of 25%. Again, exactly like atheism/atheists, no poll will ever produce a truly accurate number within a society — the “class” of these people will always be cloaked with some mystery.

    And it will always be this way as long as any society allows religion and its worst product: religious privilege allowed by their governments. That’s the very reason LGBT numbers have never been and probably never will be reported with any real accuracy.


    This is most telling:
    “The polite arguments against openly LGBT teachers, against LGBT history lessons, or against GSAs being able to operate without parental notification are as rote as they are exhausting: Children shouldn’t be “exposed” to this, too early, parents will say. They’re not “ready” to understand. Those arguments all hinge on the sexualization of LGBT identity, even though children are constantly “exposed” to images of [physical] heterosexual romance long before they’re “ready” to experience it on their own.”

    In other words, It’s fine to force heterosexuality on ALL children, but don’t dare even talk about any other known human sexuality, let alone having a child in a school class with a teacher of another sexuality, even if (s)he is well-qualified. [Yet, somehow, it’s OK to allow an obviously unqualified minor to own and operate a gun, particularly of an assault type. Hypocrisy much?]


    This problem will be with us as long as we allow religion in a society to the extent it is in most societies. These last few years in USA since we’ve allowed same-sex marriage has been a good indicator for the forseeable future of LGBT people here.

  5. Since you’ve been showing some “oldies but goodies” videos lately, I thought I’d present one again, with some good drama flair (Shakespeare). It also presents some [dramatic] homophobia — and still be very entertaining:


    The 2 leading actors are great looking (of course), but it’s “Xan” that raises this from “just another one” story/video.

  6. People tend to find it easy to be assholes and there’s some kind of inner gratification involved. You have to work a bit to be nice and we all know keeping a close friendship requires real effort.
    So, from any example of human meets human the potential of conflict is probably higher than the potential of a group hug.

    If you’re slightly different in any way – then beware..

    And, whoever assumes that politicians or community leaders at any level are somehow the right kind has got their head in the sand.

    The nasty aspects of American society are seemingly ascendent these last few years but nothing stays the same and so here’s hoping the wheel turns once more.
    Mind you, I’m feeling a bit disconcerted about a lot going on in the U.K. too. The nasties are out and about and loud with it.

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