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The Patreon campaign is off to a good start but, in combination with me being short on money at the moment, not yet at a point where it can cover the server costs on its own (after fees it paid out €66 this month).

That means that the site will likely be unavailable again for two or three weeks starting tomorrow. I know that’s annoying, trust me, no one is more frustrated about this than me. I’ll try whatever I can to get it back online as soon as possible.

PS for Patreon supporters: Mails about your rewards went out last week, please let me know if you didn’t receive yours. The private blog is ready but with the upcoming downtime I’ll look into hosting it somewhere else, I’ll be in touch about your log-in credentials asap.

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  1. Honestly, this is exactly what I said when you first started this campaign. There is NO EXCUSE for this when you have been offered reliable free hosting by the same people hosting the board. Beyond that, it is entirely possible to host this site for SIGNIFICANTLY less than the $125/mo you are raising through the campaign through paid hosting options as well.

    This is not an unfortunate accident or mistake. It is YOU refusing to do things that could actually help. So stop taking peoples money if you can get your end together.

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    2. Finally someone up and said it… I’m amazed people still buy into this crap about – “oh noes, I can’t pay for hosting, please give me your moneyz”.

      In the span of a year, this site has wracked enough money to pay for at least a 5 year hosting plan (taking into account current hosting plans by popular companies).

      Where does all this money go? Last time I checked it costs roughly about $125 a year for a plan capable of sustaining this website (according to traffic, I checked).

      You could even host it yourself, won’t cost that much more to buy a server and set it up.

      The website itself is not all that complex, and can mostly sustain itself with little to no moderation. It’s not the time-sink you make it out to be.

      – speaking from personal experience

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        Personal experience with a website with 30k visitors a day (and the traffic that comes with all of them looking at photos and videos) and being kicked by several hosts because they don’t agree with the content? Sorry for doubting that. Not gonna link the post again, just check the comment above…

        1. ❦Cute boy gif!
          Sorry about your having to close shop for a bit, been there done that… I circle the bowl every month!

        2. I’m not trying to force you into defending yourself, because I care little about what happens to this blog. I just don’t want to see people fooled into paying your personal expenses.

          On average people stay on the blog for roughly 4 to 5 minutes and view no more than 2-3 pages of content. Videos aren’t hosted here so we are excluding those.

          It took me some time but I checked the server statistics and the numbers are way below what you are claiming for unique visitors per day.

          Considering this and the fact that this blog features content no greater than a mediocre Tumblr blog, I can’t really see where all the traffic is going.

          Feel free to elaborate, or don’t… I don’t really care at this point.

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            You do realise that these “server statistics” you can look up online are fantasy numbers without any basis in reality, right? None of these sites have any access to any kind of actual statistics and they’re ridiculously far away from the truth.

            Nobody is forcing you tom come here by the way if you don’t like the content of the blog by the way.

          2. So JohnSnow do you or have you ever contributed to this site, or do you just take the view that everything on the net should be free so you can sit and moan about it? Content provision has a time and cost element, and if Josh needs cash either to run this site or to put food on his table then why should he single handedly fund this site for the freebie brigade? If you enjoy the content then its fair to make a donation, if you don’t then go troll around on other sites until you find something you might think is worth putting your hand in your pocket for.

            It amazes me people fork out £10 a month to parasite services like Spotify where the artists they feature get next to nothing in return, yet won’t spend £10 on an actual CD or download. Same situation can be applied here, if Josh feels the need to raise money for the site he is entitled to do it his way, and if you don’t like it you don’t need to keep coming back. Am sure with the reduced access by bandwidth spongers the costs would go down anyway.

  2. Josh – do what you have to. Be comforted that we’ll be checking daily to see if things have changed, but even if it takes as long as you said, we’ll all be here when you come back online – all 30,000 of us each day. XXXOOO

  3. I think I have been visiting this site on an almost daily schedule since it first went on line. I have been disappointed when I log on and see a “We are Down” message just like any regular visitor would be. I feel for you and your server difficulties. I appreciate that you want the the highest level of safeguards available and will not compromise that for the sake of “cheaper” I have run a site for several years which has a different purpose than this one and I do understand the costs and complications. I have had to change servers a few times because I changed from one protocol to another and people could not access the site due to server limitations. Hang in there, do what is right for you, we love your service and appreciate what you do.

  4. Josh, keep up the good work, appreciate your efforts. Love your site, a great start to my day!

  5. Josh;
    Ignore the trolls. Keep up the good work. The Milkboys site is wonderful and I will help with it when I can afford to.

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