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  1. Future Drag-Queen in the making? He’s adorable!

    I could endlessly watch cute boys get even cuter by getting made-up and dressing pretty, and this kid was no exception, but my heart skipped-a-beat when I initially saw the name Ronan, and mistakenly thought I would get to gaze upon our very special boy wonder with the last name of Parke. Oh well, this boy was certainly easy on the eyes.

    Thanks for posting…

  2. WTF!!!! Flower in his hair!!!! Makeup and lipstick!!!!! NO No No NO NO No!!!!!! Ronan you are just PERFECT the way you are. PLEASE stay the way you are :)

  3. UGH….horrible clown makeup on pretty boychild? Orange face foundation didn’t match his neck….and his REAL rosy lips were far far nicer than the blood-sucking scarlet used !

    1. I’ve known at least a couple of freckled young lads from GB and Ireland who insist on covering their freckles with foundation, because they don’t like their look. They just need to meet more people who like their natural look very much, and be persuaded to not use foundation. ;)

  4. While I think he’s prettier without the makeup, I fully support his desire to mess around with heteronomative gender expectations. He’s just having a little fun- calm down people. (And I can’t see how he’s trying to imitate Troye Sivan’s mannerisms in the slightest.)

  5. I fail here. I do not care for him at all, plus or minus any facial fix. And not after the fix either. I like the comments and how we are able to do so. I learn a lot from the mix and the buzz. I learn to think better. . But I think THIS guy, Ronan, is … … … not my type of guy. Sort of cute but … … … not my type. The dog does not bark here. The cat runs away. [Again.]

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