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  1. He’s a gorgeous man, with a hypnotic voice – a genuine Grand Prize Winner in the Genetics Clearinghouse Sweepstakes, but the songs he sings are like a trip to the dentist.

  2. If God meant for eyebrows to look like that, he’d have made them like that. LOL Boy is too perfect to be real, God bless him, but a delight to see all the same.

  3. The problem here is he sang this song like he was taught to sing it, and not through his own emotional expression. Everything is right on each note, a little too perfectly, the song comes across as stiff compared to the original. He needs to spend less time thinking about how he SHOULD sing it and instead focus on how feels when singing it.

  4. When he sings like this, it is a joy to hear and look at. His attempts at pop/dance are awful though.

  5. Interesting
    Some like Ronan’s work ( ????? ) and others are disappointed.
    I’m in the disappointed group to the level where after a few seconds I just stop any Ronan video posted here by Josh.
    Always wishing him well though. He seems to be a wonderful open hearted guy. It’s great he’s blessed with such beauty.

  6. RONAN PARKE is as good a singer as any. He is a sexy cute and a cute sexy. Or, is a so in the past. Not of late. He is not no more. BYE BYE BABY GOOD BYE [1965 THE FOUR SEASONS]. ♂ 🔥 🍸😏

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