Ronan Parke just came out

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To the surprise of exactly no one Ronan Parke came out as gay in an interview with Attitude. While many people never harboured any doubt about him not being straight the singer and former Britain’s Got Talent finalist never talked about his sexuality in public.

It looks like his former label was not comfortable with the possibility of his orientation alienating teenage girls which they considered to be his target audience.  If that’s the case it would just once again show how disconnected major record labels like Sony are from reality. If anything, a queer heartthrob like Ronan would be even more of an idol for a generation that grew up on Tumblr and

“I remember trying to come out to my parents: I was young – I can’t remember how old I was, around 7 or 8 – and I went downstairs to the lounge and stood in front of the TV and got the remote and went ‘Mummy, daddy, I have something to tell you!’ All dramatic [laughs] And they just went ‘Yeah, yeah, we know, you’re gay’, and they just got the remote and unmuted the TV! I was like [dramatic gasp], ‘What?! But they just always knew. And after that, I just never had to [come out] to my friends. But I’ve always identified as a gay man and I’ve always been very proud to say it.”

Read the whole interview over here.

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  1. The entire interview is well worth a read. I think I envy him, and in a good way. He has beauty, talent and self awareness.

  2. Yet an other gay talent. Now I know, well, always known why gays are so much hated. It’s their awesome capacity to create, may it be from the arts to science to literature. Just wow.

  3. 😘He always was in our heads!
    Was just playing his CD the other day. Always regretted that he wasn’t able to cut a second during that same period like Greyson Chance & Jack Vidgent; not to forget sweet Declan who most here may not remember at all.
    All lovely Pans in image and voice frozen forever in time. ..

  4. It’s about time! When I first saw him sashaying — err, I mean walking — across the stage with that scarf around his neck at 12 years old, I absolutely knew he [was]is gay. Of course, not that there’s anything wrong with that! But it was just so obvious.

    Anyway, good for him and glad it’s now fully (and finally!) out in the open. This helps boys like him to be even more creative — to not have to worry about something like that. Of course, on the opposite spectrum, it just may cause people to expect him to be even more creative in so many ways.

    Good luck to him, and hopefully he puts out some better songs.

  5. Funny, it never occurred to me that Ronan was not gay or that he hadn’t made his coming out yet.
    Still, out of the Fab 3, Ronan is the best, Greyson Chance and Troye Sivan are a disappointment as far as music is concerned, although I am waiting for Greyson’s Portraits album tomorrow.

    I don’t know if Declan McKenna is gay and should be included in some Fab 4, but he is super cool and his 2017 indie album is real good, way better than his album as a kid.

  6. Time for this impossibly handsome twink to get with another hot, talented boy, take a page out of the 1960s and become the next “Simon & Garfunkel” or “Chad & Jeremy” – and start singing the right kind of songs.

    But ya know, if a guy can sing, he can usually act – wonder if Ronan would do well in movies? He’s even better looking than a young Leonardo Di Caprio, or Keanu Reeves, or Luke Halpin who were also mouthwateringly beautiful. I’d pay real money to see him naked in a “Blue Lagoon”” or “Lord Of The Flies” remake.

    1. Blue Lagoon remake? Maybe in a few (more?) years from now.
      Lord Of The Flies remake? Highly doubtful.

      The “sequel” to Blue Lagoon (if you want to call it that) wtih the severe homophobic Willie Aames was a total piece of crap. He was lucky to even be working in the industry after that fiasco.

      1. Hey, I just wanna see him nude. I don’t care if he drops his drawers in a remake of Mary Poppins.

        1. If you’re talking about Willie Aames, he wasn’t worth it. Anyway, he would have died before he showed any nudity for public consumption.

          Christopher Atkins was a hell of a LOT BETTER looking than Ames. Even the equally homophobic Scott Baio was MUCH better looking than Ames.

      2. You don’t have to wait for a remake, there was a TV movie remake in 2012 with Brenton Thwaites. Hey, I watched Gods of Egypt for his sake only…

  7. He has a great voice now, but it is wasted on those mindless dance pop songs. When he sings ballads, he is much better. *swoon*

    1. “When he sings ballads, he is much better.”
      I totally agree, but he needs the right music — otherwise, he degenerrates into some sappy “rappy” singing (if you can call it that).

  8. Ronan Parke and his “I am free to be me” is a good thing to sing and so a way to say it and make it as a real personal. Know no thing of his effectuating. To this guy, Ronan Parke is always a fag suspect, so to speak. THANK YOU Ronan Parke for being so cute and for being public. THANK YOU ! 📡 :)

    1. “Ronan Parke is always a fag suspect, so to speak”

      We’d rather not have you speak, thank you.

  9. How is it “coming out” when even the straight people knew he was gay?

    I’m not saying he was like Liberace…. but it’s not like he ever did anything to conceal his sexuality either….

    1. LIBERACE, once he is on tv, never hides his sexual preferential identity. Even as an eight year old am aware of LIBERACE as some sexual oddity way before know horny and way before know the meaning of fag. Not all are aware of his being queer till his death and the fact he leaves no money to his lover. Do only suspect two now famous divers until …. Do only suspect RONAN PARKE until … When do hear that LIBERACE pays his lover plastic surgery to make the lover look like LIBERACE do become to suspect gays of evil intents.

      1. “way before know the meaning of fag.”

        You’re too stupid to know ANY OTHER word for being gay?

        1. Some gay people are smart enough to not be offended by syllables. It’s the intent behind the words that matters. Words themselves have no power. If the word isn’t said with ill intent, then it’s simply just a word. If it is said with ill intent, then that’s a problem, but it’s not because of the word, it’s because of what the person meant by the word.

          I’m a fag, and proud to be one.

          1. What I said applies to the word “nigger” as well. Intent is what matters.

          2. By keeping words taboo, you’re just allowing them to continue having power. Take the power away from the words. Imagine if the word “queer” had never been reclaimed. “Fag” and “nigger” and any other such words are the same. Reclaim them. Don’t let the haters keep control of the words.

          3. I’m not interested in the least about “reclaiming” either of those two words. If blacks can be offended with “nigger” and make it social policy, then I can be (and am) offended with those two.

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