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  1. ‘Rock’ indeed. He gets high marks just for being a fan of The Doors. This must be an oldie, but goodie — you’ve shown this one before — I could never forget that music. Hello, I Love You is a great song and a good song to skate by. He’s great as usual — no disappointment.

    By the way, I wonder just how valuable that T-shirt is now in Japan?

  2. Yuzuru Hanyu is sexy one on skates. — The personal one on skates fave is not a “real” but of a movie where that one sexy skater dies at the end after the crotch demand skater demands a skating future. The actor is one of a fave. Hope no one thinks the fantasy real is less than the as Yuzuru. Not all skaters are sexy.

  3. LTTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL is on on ESPN. No skating as above like that guy. These are Cup Cakes playing a game. And learning a seriousness the skater above knows better than this does. Sweeet Cake VIRGIN BOEDER #19 strikes out. Virginia. ha ha ha ha ha

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