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  1. Hope that Robbie finds a love that is so strong, that he can kick the tobacco habit, soon.

    1. ❦ I just want to know if that mouth and those lips are capable of smiling?😀

  2. I’m usually annoyed by comments I consider way overboard against any sign of a cigarette in a photo, but making it seem as glamorous as this little film does seems both unwise and irresponsible.

  3. I’m a little burned out with all this teenage angst crap. Not all of us were basket cases growing up, or at least nowhere near as perplexed as some seem to have been. Maybe I was just lucky, but my family was financially solid middle class, I always had lots of friends, and I got decent grades. I never touched illegal drugs (not even once), stayed sober, and never got in trouble with the law. I guess that helped. The only real angst I endured was my parents’ divorce, which I got over, and watching my jacking buddies outgrow the Age Of Sexperimentation with me and graduate to girls. The only solution was to follow suit, wherein I discovered that girls were people too, they didn’t really have those cooties we were warned about in 4th grade, and there was a lot to be said for warm, wet pussy. To all our forum’s teenage boys – relax. It all works out, and it’s all good.

  4. This was useless, entirely.

    “Angst” #1 — Under an apple tree — hey, try taking a bite of that apple and experience a good fruit and flavor.

    “Angst” #2 — Chain smoking a few cigarettes outside. What’s the point? Give up the smoking and go walking, running or something else.

    “Angst” #3 — Crying on a couch. What’s the reason? Because you can’t smoke inside? Sorry, no pity or empathy from me.

  5. I have to say that I agree with the bulk of the comments on this one. This young man comes across as a sulky, miserable and—despite being generally a ‘pretty’ boy— unattractive. If he keeps frowning and drooping at the mouth like that he will not look great by the time he reaches thirty. And yes, I agree with the others here that trying to make smoking look sexy and cool is not a good idea. I suspect that it is the video director’s fault for the most part; just why smiling or looking happy should be considered not cool is one of life’s mysteries. So many models these days are told to pout, frown and generally look moody in videos – all very derivative/repetitive and does not show models at their best….

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