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  1. Am I correct that we can’t view this in the US? I searched but only found versions from other countries.

  2. Footage is from wtFock, the currently running Belgian adaptation of Skam, which
    originated in Norway and has spawned adaptations in France, Germany, Spain &
    elsewhere. Most Skam version run four seasons, of which season 3 centers on a
    high school boy coming to terms with his gayness and experiencing his first love.
    In the Belgian wtF, that boy character is Robbe and his first love is Sander, hence
    the ship name robander. Robbe is the guy with the dark brown hair and Sander
    is the bleached blond. wtF is nearing the end of S-3 and all episodes have
    been uploaded on YT by skam_tumblr and thus can be readily seen in the U.S.
    It’s a nice story.

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