RIP Tumblr. And fuck you.

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Yesterday was the day. From now on Tumblr will no longer allow “adult” content on its platform. But the microblogging site says it still wants users to think of it as a place to “explore sexuality.” This morning, Tumblr posted a lengthy message explaining its new guidelines, which are now in effect:

A couple of weeks ago we announced an update to our Community Guidelines regarding adult content, and we’ve received a lot of questions and feedback from you. First and foremost, we are sorry that this has not been an easy transition and we know we can do a better job of explaining what we’re doing.

It then went on to clarify that it won’t be “deleting” all adult content. Instead, it will be “hiding” it so only the person running the page to which the content was uploaded can view it. In other words: If you wanna post a racy video of yourself, that’s fine, but nobody except for you will ever be able to see it. Oh, and it can’t be too racy.

Seems completely pointless? Yup. Just like Tumblr as a whole nowadays. Tumblr went on to clarify that any content showing genitals or sexual acts, real or simulated, will no longer be permitted, adding:

Photorealistic imagery or photography–images, videos, or GIFs–with real humans that include exposed genitals or female-presenting (yeah, we know you hate this term) nipples or depict sex acts is not allowed per our guidelines.

Furthermore, Tumblr added that it “has always been home to marginalised communities and always will be”, and that it recognises its “special obligation” to these communities. It also said it doesn’t want to “silence the vital conversations that take place here every day.”

LGBTQ+ conversations, exploration of sexuality and gender, efforts to document the lives and challenges of those in the sex worker industry, and posts with pictures, videos, and GIFs of gender-confirmation surgery are all examples of content that is not only permitted on Tumblr but actively encouraged.

Good joke, Tumblr.

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  1. Still waiting to hear if there’s a consensus on where we should all move our blogs. Mine is gayboyshairworld which is all about teen boys with cute hairstyles. Right now I just have it zipped and waiting to see if Cumblr was real or just a scam…or where everyone went.

    1. There’s tapblr which is in better working order than cumblr. there’s also mastodon dot social

  2. i continually find myself unable to come up with any other response to these statements except:


  3. As I scroll through the people still liking my images (I’m not “adult” content), I can easily tell who’s blocked because they use a cute little jaggy graphic, like Dali’s portrait of Lincoln, but not as interesting.

  4. I’m not sure this change will doom Tumblr, after all, YouTube survives just fine without ‘adult’ visual/image content. Lots of dirty talk there, but you still have to go elsewhere for corresponding pics and flicks.

  5. As tragic as it is, I think predictions that this will doom the site seriously overestimate the impact of these communities. We are called “marginalized” for a reason. This is a business decision, and I expect the site will do fine without adult content. In a year, no one using the site will even remember what it was once like.

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