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More and more young people are rejecting the binary and embracing an identity that falls outside traditional gender norms, says new figures released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

According to research, the number of students who declared their gender as “other” on university forms has more than doubled in the past year. In the past 12 months, in fact, more than 800 students in the UK declined to categorise themselves under the traditional terms of “man” or “woman”, compared to just 395 in the year previous.

King’s College London was among the highest tallies of gender non-conforming students, with other creative institutions such as Glasgow School of Art and Courtauld Institute of Art not far behind. However, the 830 students who prefer to identify as a third, other gender come from a wide cross-section of British universities, with a concentration of the data coming from Strathclyde and Salford too.

The move away from the gender binary is not just confined to university students either. In the past years things which were considered strictly “feminine” — like make-up — are being reclaimed by a generation sick of traditional gender norms. Clothes have followed suit, with an increasingly number of luxury fashion houses offering gender neutral collections rather than the traditional menswear and womenswear.

Those choices are reflected in the day to day lives of queer teenagers, whose sexuality and gender identity are finally becoming less ‘othered’ and more accepted. The change has been welcomed by students both non-binary and cis-gender, and by university staff. Anthony Grayling, who works at New College of the Humanities, told The Times: “People should be completely free to let others know how they like to be thought of and addressed.

“It’s a phenomenon very widespread among people of university age and this is an important time for them to think about who and what they are. They are experimenting with their identity and the important thing is they should be completely free to do that.”

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  1. Funny how these surveys always seem to concentrate on students. And why not? Academia is a very sheltered Shangri La, with ‘safe spaces,’ all immune from the real world outside that awaits students beyond those ivy covered walls.
    Let’s take a survey among corporate executives, or workers at any other level of accountability or responsibility. Let’s survey entrepreneurs with businesses to run, payrolls to meet, and customers and clients to satisfy.
    Quiz the insurance and real estate brokers, and the accountants and financial planners. I’d love to know how many of those have run off nature’s rails.

    I would suspect that for the vast majority of non-binary kiddies, grim reality will be an effective cure for their gender dysphoria. Going along with their plumbing will be preferable to going hungry.

    People tend to adapt to the changing venues of life.

    1. The whole idea is that this generation thinks freely about these issues and while it may not be easy and fun all the time it is a beginning – they are the ones that will blaze the trail towards a more enlightened generation.
      Putting them down, being pissy about them and making a general twit of yourself is the same as putting yourself in the group that called my generation faggots, freaks and worse.

      1. We’re probably generationally closer than you think. I was in my late teens when Stonewall happened. Nowadays, I reserve derogatory labels like “freaks and worse for snowflakes and other “democratic-socialists” (a.k.a. fascists) of the progressive left.

  2. “In the past 12 months, in fact, more than 800 students in the UK declined to categorise themselves under the traditional terms of “man” or “woman”, compared to just 395 in the year previous.”

    I hope they are realizing that, particularly in colleges, many students “get off” in screwing around with statistics and personal information. It wouldn’t surprise me that a good portion of that “800 students in the UK” were just playing their mental games by marking the “other” square just because they can and no one would be the “wiser.”

    I fully understand the mental capacity to be of “some other gender” — witness all the different personalities, the vast number being truthful — but when it comes down to the physical [and emotional, as well] “nitty-gritty” — i.e., what’s going on below their belts — then all those “genders” quickly whittle down to pretty much just the binary — either they have a penis with testes or vagina with ovaries. And what they orgasm to becomes fairly clear to their true “genders”, or more accurately, their sex.

    What I mean by that is even though a [physical] male feels and thinks he is a female and acts that way, he still gets erections and ejaculates to the idea of another male [also with penis and testes]. And the same for a female who feels and thinks she is a male and tries to act that way,

    When both physically/surgically get their genitals reversed, it just proves in a more physical way what I pointed out. The “he to she” still wants another he to orgasm to …. and the “she to he” still wants another she to orgasm to. Otherwise, why go through all the surgery to change?

    Back to my original point — when doing surveys like this, they need to allow for the “trolls” that will just write/say anything to screw up the results — that’s the nature of some young people towards anything “of establishment.”

    1. or what if they are being honest and you can’t cope with that fact so you have to belittle them with your black and white thinking.

      i mean you’ve completely ignored the whole ‘gender isn’t whats between your legs’ thing for a start.

      1. “or what if they are being honest”

        I didn’t even insinuate that ‘most’ weren’t being honest. Where do you get that? Oh, wait, it’s just your assumption that I represent your own negativity. Humanity has already proven in spades that a substantial number of people “aren’t honest” (I used “trolling”) and I was simply reflecting that fact and applying it to something that [again] is not in the most favorable outlook through pretty much every society on Earth.


        “and you can’t cope with that fact”

        I can and do cope fine with it — I’ve always been (and continue to be) supportive of all trans* people — look at any of my comments prior to this. Again, stop projecting your own angst onto me.


        “so you have to belittle them with your black and white thinking.”

        I didn’t belittle anyone. But it’s YOU who is attempting to belittle me. I simply pointed out the pure biological/sexual conditions:

        WHY does a transmale even think of, let alone enduring the surgery, getting “his” penis and testes reversed into a female? “He” has so much estrogen flowing through “his” body that he feels the need to be female for the obvious goal: to have a male partner.

        Likewise, a transfemale desires, and likewise enduring surgery, getting “her” vagina/womb and ovaries reversed into a male. “She” has so much testosterone flowing through “her” body that “she” feels the need to be male for the obvious goal: to have a female partner.

        That’s an obvious simplification, but backs up what I’ve said.

        You’re problem is you’re so fucking concerned about political correctness that you have lost the ability to understand actual correctness (regardless of how un-medically I refer to it).


        “i mean you’ve completely ignored the whole ‘gender isn’t whats between your legs’ thing for a start.”

        No I didn’t. You just need better reading comprehension.

        1. oh fuck off moany old bastard.

          so if a crazy person attacks you and cuts off your dick and balls you would stop being a man? i think not.

          1. You just showed how fucking stupid you really are …. or is it just mentally ill?

            I just explained myself (obviously wasting my time). But, clearly you don’t have the mental capacity to do the same.

            So, to you — fuck off.

  3. As much as I wish this were true, we cant claim death to the gender binary until we remove gender based restrictions or divides. For example, no society that cuts off the foreskin of all the babies THEY identify as male, while also saying if you do that to a female baby is mutilation- is a society that doesn’t believe in gender fluidity.

    1. “is a society that doesn’t believe in gender fluidity.”

      It has nothing to do with gender “fluidity” — it’s all about sexual power, pure and simple. They want the male to have and express total sensuality, but not for the female — as “dictated” in their bullshit religious documents. That’s all it is — their base desires to have woman purely as functional baby makers — not allow them to experience their full sexual experience.

  4. i would’ve thought people who come to this site might be positive and open minded about people being free to be themselves. from these comments, guess i was wrong.

  5. I for one am sick of all this trangender aganda taking over so many blogs. I mean it feels like forcing what has always been a tiny minority interest on the rest of society and expect everyone elses rights to move aside for theirs. A lot of the spokes people are often aggressive.
    I agree with Penboy.
    People who come to this site are clearly expected to be interested in young guys, hence the name. Its good to mix up the blogs with other stuff but it getting over the top in favour of transgrender.
    Who says Gays are part of the same family as transgender. Gays are as judgemental and shallow as the general population if not more so. Transgender can make their own arguments which are able to clearly do without any help. Good luck to them but it doesn’t mean everything they say is ok with the rest of society or we have to agree with!

  6. I am finding an increasing interest by youth in particular, to a much more open view about issues of gender and sexuality, etc. and a whole lot of other things. Good for them. At least they are interested in something in the face of existing and future horror. Why can’t they define life however they want? I want that for me so why can’t they too.
    As the 15 years Swedish youth said at the large rally in Finland the other day, “we can’t save the world by playing by the rules because the rules have to change”. To me that is the essence of existence on this planet. She has an epiphany, the status quo and even slow incremental change won’t be successful at pretty much anything. Since she will inherit what I leave her, good for all of her to want to change everything she wants (I’m deliberately using different grammatical constructs). I can’t brag much about what I am leaving her. About whatever subject, why should she, or anybody, stay stuck in the past.
    Look at just the past 500 to 1,000 years on through today and the ignorance, hate, destruction, on and on and on while humans are becoming enlightened. That is some enlightenment. The conquistadors, what a name. That is history and that is precedent and used to justify continuing the same injustices because it is where we came from. Sh*t on that. It hasn’t gotten better and won’t by doing it the same way.
    The US is involved in many wars against people living in many countries. Murder, destruction, evil. Good for all people to embrace for new ways of looking at life and society.
    So what about non-binary. No threat to me. I still like my penis and as long as no one wants to take it away, I’m happy. If somebody who is interesting and likes my penis wants to be non-binary, I am happy for them. I’m kind of cuddly and soft too, soft linens and stockings, not just Conan, why not.

  7. Nice, artsy picture of Kolja from the past. Wonder how he has aged, must be late thirties now.

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