Creamy, Soft & Gay!

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Forget bullying, forget discrimination. You know who really got the short end of the stick? Straight guys! You probably have no idea how hard it is to live your life as a straight man. Think about it! You can’t show any emotions beyond rage, you don’t get to have a fashion sense and, maybe worst of all, you can’t even eat ice cream!

Shocking, I know! Living in your li-la-rainbowland of gayness you probably didn’t even realise how privileged you are to be able to enjoy some delicious, soft ice cream melting on your tongue! That sure explains why some straight guys always seem so damn miserable…

Well fuck me

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  1. So does our Ollie still qualifies as a milkboy or a milkman now? <3
    Yeah, that "joke" is pretty bad taste, but then the whole show is. Many non-British viewers are probably wondering what the heck is a 99 now…

    I didn't watch the George Michael tribute, but The Entire Universe show hosted by Eric Idle from the Monty Pythons. A forgettable musical, I only watched it because Brian Cox was the main star in the show. This guy becomes hotter by the nanosecond, like the particles and the suns he studies.

    The jokes there were a little funnier too, like the Higgs Bosun guy, or when Brian Cox was telling Warwick Davis about our Sun ending its life as a white "dwarf" while realizing at the same time that the guy is only 1.07m high…

  2. Of course this is ridiculous, but years ago I read a serious book on Russian Society by a former diplomat, I believe, and he said no Russian man would eat an ice cream cone out on the street because it wasn’t macho. I once lit a cigarette and started to pass it to my Cuban friend while we were in Havana and he told me this would be considered absolutely gay behavior in Cuba. Different people different mores.

    1. But if you die for him, you won’t be able to enjoy him or anyone else. :-)

      I can’t be sure if he has nose freckles or it’s just poor quality video. But he does have cute ears (nice size, too).

  3. I don’t know what a “99” is, but otherwise it was hilarious. I’ve seen a few of these Brit shows before and they get pretty funny in a weird sense (which I think is their purpose). Sort of a “stiff upper lip laughing”.

    I rather like these quaint British shows.

  4. It’s extremely difficult to consistently create humour and that’s why truly funny productions mostly originate from demonstrably highly intelligent people. The Monty Python team is likely the easiest example to cite.

    Clarkson, May and Hammond did have some kind of synergy for a short while and years ago (20+) Clarkson was a readable journalist. Now it’s all an awful dead horse money source getting flogged into bloody mush. There’s nothing of value remaining and this latest crap is not new. The trio failed perhaps six or seven years ago.

    They are just an embarrassment. Shit, excrement – a foul stench.
    They epitomise all that’s instantly ‘English’ ‘Brexit’ ‘Tory’ and knobheads.

  5. “You probably have no idea how hard it is to live your life as a straight man.”
    I’m happy that you may understand me, although not completely.

  6. A 99 is an ice cream cone with a chocolate flake in it. A 71 is a 69 with two fingers up your arse. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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