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    It’s an OK song, but the presentation is more like a rip-off style (but, different) of “Team iLuminate” (from 2011):


    re: Loïc Nottet

    I watched this video:

    It’s a pretty good song, he sings it well, but the lip-syncing is so noticably off. They really should improve their editing skills. And he is good looking.

    1. This kind of presentation was done so often by now (and for way longer than since 2011), you can’t really call it a rip-off anymore, it’s just one way doing live performances.

    1. I can assure you that most people here are just as aware that this is nothing to take super seriously. Just some harmless fun.

  2. It was the smile at the end that moved me. The rest was fun and silly, video-wise, and the music was fun too. I understand nothing about styles outside of jazz, blues, country, hill, classical, and long-time ‘establishment’ sorts of ‘types’. This is new. FUN, too.

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