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Reckless is set in the Scandinavian suburbs during the hottest summer day. It narrates an episode in the life of two siblings. Sofia is a beautiful blonde 15 year old girl and Mads is her little brother. When their parents decide to spend a weekend away, the girl is asked to baby-sit her brother – a task she seems reluctant to execute, so she takes him to the swimming pool. Here, she meets two boys that try to hit on her. Their interest is returned, and she leaves the child to himself, without thinking of the consequences.

It is clear that we are faced with a softly controversial film whose plot moves on two connected wires, where eroticism and social drama are interwoven, in a blurred line between a casual incident and recklessness. On one side, the man focus for Sorensen seems to be softly pushing the magnet of attraction until it reaches the sexual encounter between the teenagers: everything seems to happen with a certain naturalness. He gradually moves towards the intimacy of sex until he reaches a ménage à trois free from every morbidity, respecting the (surprising) innocence of these teens without indulging in an indiscreet gaze. The erotic charge is preserved in its spontaneity, which is not easy to accomplish.

The other strand is linked to the dramatic component that derives from Sofia’s failure to take care of her little brother, a task that her parents gave her perhaps without giving it too much thought.

Even if it would have elements to work on, Reckless does not attempt to engage in a specific discourse, but only wants to suggest something, leaving its message open, impressed on the “skin” of its characters. Several elements hint in this direction: the warmth of the light on the bodies, the cinematography that employs warm tones, the cream smeared on the body, the first physical contact, the water that glides on the bodies in the shower, the drop of blood that falls from Mads’ face. The viewer is left with a feeling of insolvency, taken by a double spiral of dizziness, the erotic charge of love and the violence of Mads’ drama. If the former is vented, the latter is there, suspended, waiting to be let out.

Release: 2013, Norway | IMDb | Website

I would have loved to show you the actual short but couldn’t find any source that would have been somewhat legal to link to, let us know in the comments if you had more luck.

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    1. @Cpt.Proton
      ❦Thanks for the link to the full film.

      ~Even if the boy had walked to the store by himself before as was implied it was his sister’s whoring upon his return that was at fault as she was fully responsible for his welfare. It was shirking that duty for her own pleasure that led to this avoidable tragedy. Being in heat was no excuse, “I’m sorry I was feeling horny and I couldn’t stop myself!” is hardly a feasible defense in this case.
      I do agree with Josh though that the woman who hit him should have called for aid especially due to his age, most would have… there was no excuse for that either.

    2. Hi, i have tried several times to get this. Is there any other direct link?
      Or could you send it to me?

    1. Post

      Spoilers ahead.

      I don’t think the moral message is supposed to be that specific. It’s probably more about putting the welfare of the ones we’re supposed to take care of before our own entertainment and even there I think the film is making a case about how hard making the right decisions can be when your teenage body is being flooded with hormones.

      I don’t think the the idea was to “blame” his sister. In that case one would have to look at the driver of the car just as well by the way; letting a child just run off like that after an accident is not exactly the wisest choice either.

  1. Scandinavians may not be the sexiest people on earth, but they are among the most beautiful. Especially the young. Many tend to lose their looks as adults — men become a bit pig-faced; the women a bit horse-faced. Thanks so much for the link; I was going to rent it from Amazon for $3 (approx.) but having it immediately is even better.

  2. Very, very interesting and moving short film.

    There’s no way a film made like this would ever be shown in America’s theaters or on TV (either public or even cable) by an American producer/director — and rely on any commercialism to fund it..

    The only thing I didn’t like about it is the subtitling. They were way too small and no thought of the background — too many times they were literally washed out from the over-exposure of the background.

    And as an aside, if I have to watch straight “porn”, this wasn’t bad.

    1. I sometimes get the feeling that Nordic film makers use “You are not alone” as a kind of base model for making more “enlightened” films.

      1. “I sometimes get the feeling that Nordic film makers use “You are not alone” as a kind of base model for making more “enlightened” films.”

        You may have a point, but … because of ages or [recognized] eroticism?

        I don’t know because I haven’t seen that many of their [Nordic] films.

  3. I forgot to add ……

    The acting by all four principle actors was excellent and quite believable.

  4. “letting a child just run off like that after an accident is not exactly the wisest choice either.”
    I’m intrigued by the driver’s situation. I’m not sure what I would have done. Are you saying she should have tackled the boy and held him down until an ambulance arrived? Or abducted him and driven him to a hospital? Or just call an ambulance and say “there’s an injured boy around here somewhere”?

    I guess best option would be to call an ambulance and start following the boy to see where he goes, but that sounds awfully uncomfortable.

    1. If I were the driver I would call police and or ambulance then follow him. If he enters a house try to contact an adult in that house. You’ve done all you can do at that point.

      Despite the sad ending I enjoyed this film. Well done and well acted. I envy the freedom Nordic film makers enjoy. I don’t believe it was a “sex is bad” message. It was a personal responsibility trumps carnal desire message. That’s my feeling anyway.

  5. I have to say, the cuteness of one boy is really irresistible and it’s very easy to be absent minded when being around with him, let alone if he reaches out like that.

    I burned some welding materials in the similar situation.

  6. I think any presumed moral, or otherwise, story was just an excuse to make the film and allow the producer or director develop the eroticism and sexuality and eventually to date one or more of the actors.

    1. I tend to agree with the first part of your comment.

      But I seriously doubt about the “dating” aspect.

  7. great story but yeah pity about the hard to see in places subtitling!
    thanks for posting it here on MB and for the vk link Cpt. Proton :)

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