Troye Sivan on being effeminate

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“I have to get comfortable with the fact that I am kind of effeminate sometimes–or really effeminate sometimes. That I want to paint my nails. Overcoming all those stupid rules that society embeds in you as a kid about gender and sexuality is a conscious task. I have almost exclusively LGBT people around me [now]. That instilled a sense of confidence in me. That I have every reason to be proud of who I am.”

Read the whole interview with Troye over here.

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  1. If Troye has a Problem with it and feels himself uncomfortable, he should change the people around him. It May be difficult, but He has to work on this.

    1. Just curious, but WHY do you capitalize (upper-case) the words, Problem, May and He?

      That’s the way “god” and bible obsessed people write — to ’emphasize’ words/concepts that don’t need to be nor should be with correct grammar.

          1. Jim Straw has it right. Critical thinking is nothing more than thinking about being critical of you.

        1. @horsey:
          “Critical thinking is nothing more than thinking about being critical of you.”

          Congratulations! You’ve just won the Donald Trump Most Stupid “Tweet” Prize.

      1. It’s quite easy. I’m working with a tablet inthe momen. The shitty autocorrection is working against me 😏

  2. I never experienced him as particularly feminine and I followed his YouTube videos for at least 5 years. He wasn’t butch by any means, but not swish or flamboyant either . . . not that would have been a problem either.

  3. Interesting on how so many blame their ignorant writing on “autocorrection.” So, why didn’t “autocorrection” correctinthe momen.“?

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