How the struggle for queer rights has shaped the 2010s

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As your iPod nano gathers dust in the corner of your room somewhere, perhaps next to your Blackberry Bold, Silly Bandz and all the other relics of yesteryear, it’s easy to forget that 2010 was only 10 years ago. But there’s more to progress than the relentless march of consumer technology – and this past decade has seen seismic cultural and social shifts, especially for the queer community.

It’s hard to believe, but in 2010 same-sex marriage was only legal in seven countries. And in terms of representation, we only ever seemed to appear in movies as the comic, ever-single sidekick ready to give the protagonist her much needed makeover. At the time, the EU released guidelines laying out the ways in which the global LGBTQ+ community still needed support. They came up with three key aims: promoting decriminalisation, fighting for equality and non-discrimination, especially in the workplace, and protecting human rights activists.

So, almost 10 years on, how successfully have these goals been met? Well in truth, the majority of change in criminalisation laws happened in the 1900s. Landmark advances did happen in 2018 when India dismantled colonial era laws punishing homosexuality, and in 2019 when international outcry halted Brunei’s attempt to end its moratorium on the death penalty for homosexual acts, but most countries across the world had already decriminalised homosexuality, with exceptions in Africa and the Middle East, and little changed this decade.

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  1. Just like I wrote yesterday, such progress takes decades. It’s like weather vs. climate, the trends are mostly visible over longer periods of time. The day-to-day progress is more like a square dance, with about as many steps backward than forward.
    Where do you find all these cute pics? ;)

  2. “Are we better off” depends on who “we” is meant to be. Lovers of boys are maybe slightly better off than in 2010 because of the metoo movement, which diverted the attention away from minor-adult sex. But, in other ways lovers of boys are potentially worse off, with progress receding rather than expanding: the ideological excesses of the women’s movement have taken over the left, causing moderates to shift to the hard right. The women’s movement was sputtering, nearing its end, until Trumpism stupidly went after abortion and gave us pussy hats and fifth wave feminism, creating a new generation of feminists whose presence may mar any hopes of cultural reconciliation for lovers of boys for the next 50 years. Idiots!

    1. There is the new MAP movement on twitter though. It consists partly (mostly?) of people on the left and feminists. It’s still unclear how they’ll affect the broader leftwing and feminism movements. What does Emilie think?

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