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I’d like to collect a list of resources (hotlines, websites,  youth centres, shelters etc.) for queer people. I’m especially (but not only) interested in resources for specific groups (e.g. for queer people of colour, for transgender youth and so on). I’d also love to collect resources for as many different countries as possible.

So if you know any phone number, website or place that might be useful for such a list please leave a comment below. Thanks! <3


Illustration: Dearest Friend by softcreatures 

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  1. 😀Excellent list Daveboy, good find inside!

    ❦Lovely illustration you chose Josh.
    They’re so sweet together, they remind me of past bus and train stations in my youth.

  2. This is a great idea! Congratulations! ^^

    Here in Portugal, you have these:

    ILGA portugal – http://www.ilga-portugal.pt/ilga/index.php

    OpusGay – http://opusgay.org/

    Rede Ex Aequo – http://www.rea.pt

    Portugal Gay – http://portugalgay.pt/

    I have a blog where I write, share, raise awareness & sensitize people, discuss with other people about lots of gay related themes. In my blog there’s a section called “No Place 4 H8”, to help people who are being victim of prejudice, bullying or/and other things. Check it out too :)


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