New Study finds a ‘sizable’ Number of young Kids who identify as queer

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A San Diego State University research team has uncovered groundbreaking findings regarding LGBTQ identity and childhood development. This new study found that 1 percent of 9- and 10-year-old Americans self-identify as gay, bisexual or transgender.

The findings were published in the latest issue of JAMA Pediatrics. The article, “Child Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development Cohort Study,” was coauthored by researchers Jerel P. Calzo and Aaron J. Blashill.

“One percent is sizable, given that they are so young,” Blashill said in a release published in Medical Xpress, an aggregator of science-related news.

The researchers collected their data from the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) Study, a landmark study funded by the National Institutes of Health that tracks brain development in children over the long term. ABCD surveyed thousands of children across the United States, and the SDSU researchers drew from those surveyed in 2016 and 2017. The findings, researchers said, could lead to a greater understanding of the development of human sexuality.

“For so long, social scientists have assumed that there is no point in asking kids at this age about their sexual orientation, believing they do not have the cognitive ability to understand,” Blashill said. “This is the first study to actually ask children about their sexual orientation this young. It is important to have a baseline to understand how sexuality develops and how it may change over time.”

Since queer kids are more at-risk for physical and mental health issues than their straight peers, this research could help save lives. Notably, a 9-year-old took his own life last month after coming out as gay to his classmates and being bullied.

“If we can understand identity development earlier and can track development using large datasets, we can begin improving research and prevention around risk and protective factors,” Calzo said.

The ABCD data is notable for also including parents in its survey. The SDCU team found that 7 percent of parents believed their child may be gay; 1.2 percent said their child may be transgender.

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  1. I find it quite curious that milkboys — for the last 3 weeks or so — has presented articles that [finally!] show what I’ve been saying for years, now that the LGBTQ persons are a much larger segment of our societies than what was “conventionally” [read: religiously/what the churches have been shoving down our throats] thought of and/or recognized. These articles show that my mumbers are considerably more accurate than what was “generally thought up to now.”

    AGAIN, the LGBTQ+ population is easily around 20% — could even approach 25% — of any given society, no matter where in the world it is. When LGBTQ are suppressed in any way, they always have and will continue to marry and have children …. to blend in and avoid any societal retribution its religion will infest.

    1. I agree totally, and for every one of those kids who admitted to identifying as gay there will be a host more who are too frightened to admit it. Go to any gay sauna, club etc and see how many of the patrons are wearing wedding rings or who proclaim to be ‘straight’ while happily indulging in gay sex.

      1. I wear a wedding ring.
        Because I’m married… to my husband.

        Then again… I’ve never been in a gay sauna and can’t imagine I ever will.

        I think the wedding ring observation depends what country you have the misfortune of living in. Whether you’re still virtually trapped by life or not.
        There are Lands of the Free and then there are places having no concept of freedom.

    2. Penboy, in the 1770’s when the British ship laid anchor in Tahiti kids as young as 10 were openly copulating with each other. Including boys with other boys. The boys being oenetrated would be called femmie or fruity. The point I’m making is, before White Christian Europeans arrived there was no shame or repression in these acts. Fast forwards 25 years and the natives are covered up in unsuitable clothes, going to church and feeling ashamed with themselves. It’s only politics, raligion and customs that shames folk into denying to themselves, never mind others, their true sexuality. If you truly believed even as a young teen that masterbating thinking about other boys will send you straight to hell, well that’s a good indicator of 3% only officially admitting being gay and bi. Everyone else is afraid or ashamed to admit the truth. Even to themselves.

      1. Along those lines, and never really discussed in factual historical context, nearly all ships for trading, exploring usually had on board at least one, if not more teen(s) or even younger teens (down to possibly around 12) for the expressed purpose of providing sexual favors for the all-male crew on board (including the Captain). This was “standard” to keep the main crew satisfied and happy during these long “cruises.” And quite often, they would pick boys from the villages that were also considered “pretty” [/cute] with very nice skin and most also had longer hair.

        These boys were nearly always referred to as “cabin boys” or some other “title” to make it as if they were on board to “learn” the the ways of the traders and explorers. They were taught, of course. How could one NOT learn the ways of the ships being on them for months at a time? It was just “coincidence” that young boys always wanted to “learn the ways” of the seafarers — and of course, they learned considerably more how “lonely” these crewmen always were.

        As an example, the 2015 movie, In the Heart of the Sea could be considered as such — this story (about Moby Dick) was “told through the experiences of the young teen aboard that famous ship.

  2. The love that do feel at age eight is not sexual. Upon sexual awareness, love becomes different. The same guy fall in love with do find prefers girls. REAL SEX is different from my love. Do realize early that this thing is an odd but only upon sexual awareness do understand how odd.

    1. Wonderful. An other blindingly brilliant post, right? Nope. Exactly the contrary. I was around 7 or eight when I was with a friend and we were both in swimsuits. If I had been able to understand what the hell were all those butterflies in my stomach when I was close to him I would have been the last man on the planet to call it non sexual! I just don’t get it when I see people so able to dismiss how a kid, boy or girl feels.

      1. Yes, I agree with you @ Old Dan. By 8, I remember becoming very interested in other boy’s penises and was getting erections not related to urination. I can’t imagine how precocious I was and I remember asking questions of my parents that they were challenged in finding the words to answer me appropriately for my age. By 10, I started ejaculating. The sensations from ejaculating were definitely another level altogether, changed my life, and though I didn’t note any dates, suddenly, I was very different, I knew I had metamorphosed and started sleeping naked. I never thought about being gay, that would be a concept that society would have to teach me, I simply was totally into sex with my buddies and presumed I would have girlfriends when I became old enough.
        I believe the percentage of people who will have homosexual relations is much larger than the accepted rates. I know a lot of people who simply settled into heterosexual relationships, nothing wrong with that, I certainly enjoy mine and have no difficulty being monogamous. As a pansexual, it is all about who the person is I am with, that we get along, not their gender.

  3. WOW ! ! ! NEVER think of this here guy’s desire for, and, actual love of, that sweet guy, and his body, crotch, and ass, each of us at 8 years old, is a sexual nor a homo nor a queer thing. [He not of the same feeling.][Am not aware of sex until 12.] What this site does is some times surprising. As a result of this site’s comments, do now figure out that this creep is a queer before do even know what queer is. As a result, also figure out that sex is in effect before even am aware of what sex is. This all so even before am aware that girls do not have dicks. Am a creepy queer since birth. THANK YOU ALL.

  4. “For so long, social scientists have assumed that there is no point in asking kids at this age about their sexual orientation, believing they do not have the cognitive ability to understand”

    This is because “social scientists” are not scientists, and do not understand kids. Those of us who actually used to be kids can attest to that.

  5. SEXUALLY SPEAKING —- If your are a hot, you are some thing to get & to go for angst make you / take you for a heating. [If you are not hot, you are a neutral. Or, you are on the warmer for other climes, new times, emergencies, etc.]
    — GENDER is as relevant to human fucking and humans being horny as _____.
    — sorry if this creature here is too stupid to figure the relevance of GENDER.

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