Queer Tropes in Video Games

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Award-winning video-essayist Anita Sarkeesian has returned with a new video series on Queer Tropes in Video Games. The three-part miniseries examines the depiction of queer people in games, much like Tropes Vs. Women in Video Games looked at the representation of women in games.

Sarkeesian has never shied from controversy, and her new series will likely trigger strong reactions again. She was subjected to considerable harassment including death threats and smear campaigns against her after the debut of the first series in 2013.

The series moves from criticism in gaming’s early years to the progress of the depiction of LGBTQ people in more recent games. You can check it out below.

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  1. People should be aware of Sarkeesian’s manipulative past. She contrived examples to misrepresent video games (and even admitted she didn’t even play video games) while masquerading as an expert in sexism in video games. She is an expert in BEING sexist though. I guess that makes her OK in some people’s books. But I won’t allow her to use me as a queer person as her shield.

    No matter how good the production, by focusing on queer characters, she just associates us with her cesspool at a time when, more than ever, we need to bring rational people to our side.

  2. Perhaps do miss the purposing here. There seems to be no homo homo games. They most seem, if do hear the comments right, homo versus str8. That is the way it is in real life. She seems to want homo homo games, or, pure homo. Homos, even as equally homo, are not all friendly in real life. Does this show a personal ignorance of the games ? Do enjoy her comments. Will stay away from the games. UH OH ! might have to get into them .. .. .. .. ..

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