At last, a generation of schoolchildren will grow up knowing it’s OK to be LGBT

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Students across England are heading back to school this week, and while this might not seem momentous, for Stonewall, this school year marks the beginning of the end of a decades-long campaign to get an inclusive education system in England.

In September 2020, new regulations for teaching relationships and sex education (RSE) in English schools come into force. It will be a landmark moment – a whole generation will attend schools that not only accept LGBT people and same-sex relationships, but also celebrate and offer support on the issues that young LGBT people face.

The guidance means that primary schools will teach about different families, which of course includes LGBT families. Contrary to what’s been said by some online and in the media, this is just about showing kids that families can have two mums or two dads. Or to put another way: different families, same love.

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  1. It’s about time. Isn’t that top left symbol missing a ♂ — since there are 2 for the females?

  2. The “LGB” has pretty much been solved for most, aside from the Islamic world even governments are OK with us. But with the researchers dragging their feet, this is what it might take to finally include the “T” in he ever-widening circle of acceptance.

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