Liberation vs Assimilation in Queer Cinema

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Should LGBT cinema try and emulate mainstream movies – or forge its own path? Including examples like One Day At A Time, Modern Family, The Birdcage, La Cage Aux Folles, Dragon Prince, Skins, She-Ra, Moonlight, Pride and more.

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  1. Commenting without watching the video here – something I do quite a bit so I expect this to bite me on the arse.

    Firstly, I hate the idea of assimilation – assimilation is all about stripping everything about something away so it conforms to whatever is deemed to be the “normal”. Once you assimilate into a culture or society, what/who you are disappears. What you want to be doing is integrating – keep the core of who/what you are but live in harmony with the rest of society.

    When I watch a movie or a TV show that has a definitely “out” gay character, I don’t want that to be the centre of my attention. What I want is the story to make that character to be as “normal” as the straight characters. You know, this guys is gay but who gives a fuck.

    What I really hate in a movie or a TV show is when they gay person is pointed out and then treated as something special. “OMG – Bob is gay, let’s show our support for him by overcompensating our acceptance of him”.

    Please fuck off and die as quickly as possible. You’re not needed in this argument.

    In 2019, gay characters in movies or on TV should be treated exactly the same as straight people and totally normalised. “Hi, I’m your new neighbour Bob and this is my husband/boyfriend Garry” should be greeted by “Hey, great to meet you – wanna beer?” rather than some strange look on the face of the actor suggesting he was just asked if dolphins are fish.

    I’m a 53 year old gay man and the only positive gay TV character I ever saw on TV was Will from Will and Grace but even he was a stereotype.

  2. I will also comment without watching, I think the premises and arguments in the video title are wrong, from “liberation” and “assimilation” to “queer cinema”.
    Cinema is cinema, and while I do tag some movies as queer or LGBTQ+, it’s more a tag than a genre. I do regret though that sites such as IMDB don’t offer such tags (or maybe I don’t know how it works), as it would allow some filtering on such movies, or any other special interest, such as “horses”, “seattle”, etc.

  3. This is an absurdity. But is a loud lot of questions.
    — Homos are not ever going to be normal … except of a normal which might allow them as some sort of regulars. Homos and any other and some other sex oddities off the normal are always going to be some other than. Making them as a normal is not ever possible. Making homos, for example, as OK, is OK with many people. Many a person could care less about the OK. The blacks marrying whites is as odd as a gay guy marrying a str8 but is OK for mnay … who gives a darn ? ===> MILLIONS of haters do give a darn.
    —Assimilating into “THE THEM” is a chore. The strategy is to make smooth into as many as we can. WEEE can not ever be normal. BUT, weee might make us an OK and a who cares.
    — TOLERATE is not the same as Assimilate… and homos will never assimilate !!!! ha ha ha ha ha

  4. I just watched it completely and noticed several things:

    She’s quite astute about LGBT presentations — movies, TV shows, musicals, etc. She brings up some very good points — particularly with the double-standards between straight- and gay- themed shows. I immediately reflected back on The West Wing, I think in the 2nd season when Rob Lowe [Sam Seaborn] was talking to the military officers about gays in the military and he asks them [something like this] “Why is it that gays must have a “hands off” policy to be in the military when you’re fighting the likes of the Tailhook scandal?” [He worded it better but that’s the gist of it. I can’t find a video of this specifically, because the one they show cuts off just before this statement by ‘Sam’.]

    She covered a LOT of things in this video — 25 minutes of it so it was a little bit hard to keep up and follow everything she said — plus she talks so fast. [Sorry, but that voice can be a bit irritating as well.]

    I think milkboys showed us another video by her a couple [or more] years ago.

    If you were to break this talk down, it’s still quite interesting and she brings up some very good points.

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