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In a blend of fantasy meets reality, PYOTR495 follows a young man in an anti-LGBT, present-day Russia who comes face to face with homophobic predators who have lured him into a trap he can’t escape – or can he? In a twisted game of cat and mouse, you will be left wondering who is predator and who is prey. Submitted by Hugh.

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  1. There was Young Frankenstein, Young Winston, Young Indiana Jones, this could almost be titled “Young Hulk.”
    I couldn’t believe the credits – this was quite a big production – a ‘cast of thousands’ behind the camera.

  2. So I was really liking this until they turn the gay guy into the literal monster the Russian government wants Russians to think they are. Too bad, this had a lot of potential until the short turned. Practically an anti gay propaganda piece!

  3. Cute monster in an amusing monster film. It was nice how the monster found and rescued the guy from the closet (get it!)

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