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YouTuber Jazza John asked people to prove that they’re straight. Asking questions that queer asylum seekers have actually been asked, he found that straight people actually weren’t all that good at showing that they’re actually straight.

John asked the straight people to name their favorite straight music, to say what each color on the straight flag means, and to draw the floor plan of the last straight club they were in.

Of course, they had trouble actually doing that. But unlike LGBTQ people seeking asylum, they were able to laugh their way through the interview at the silliness of the questions.

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  1. Very funny but also illuminating in a disturbing way. Great sketch. Nice group of interviewees!

  2. The draft board asked me to prove I was gay (“Lets see how much you know about it”) back in 1960. (I was couch-surfing and looked pretty scruffy when I arrived.) They gave me a list of questions which might have stumped a farm boy, but not a hip big city kid. (I actually was gay and living in Manhattan.) One question was if I knew what drag was (it was the beginning of the ’60s, remember). I answered that I had worked in a drag club . . . as a chorus BOY, but I didn’t mention that part. I was still naive though. They asked where I usually picked up partners and I answered “72 Street and Broadway” instead of “the street, bars, baths,” etc. The guy was friendly once he was convinced I wasn’t faking. He asked me if I wasn’t afraid of picking up a cop and I told him “I don’t go anyone old enough to be a cop.” I wasn’t trying to be funny, but it made him smile. He listed me as a “sociopath.” I didn’t know that word despite several years of therapy so I wasn’t offended. For a moment, I was a little ambivalent about missing out on what was a pretty universal experience for male youth, but it passed before I reached the subway station.

  3. I have long wanted to see a TV show or movie depicting classrooms from, say, 7th — 12th grades and *every single “girl” [obviously, hand-picked to be the cutest and prettiest] in those classes would be transgenders with the “real” boys not knowing they are transgenders. And then watch all the boy googling and panting over them — trying to get dates, eating lunch with then and how they are treated in the classroom.

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