Prove you’re gay

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Most LGBTQ+ refugees get rejected when they apply for asylum because they cannot prove their sexuality, even when there is a threat to their life.

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  1. Having to prove you’re Gay, is a Stupid as making someone prove their Straight! LOL Exactly HOW is someone supposed to prove they are Gay or Straight? Bring 100 affidavits from friends, lovers or relatives that you’re Gay? What a Joke!

    1. Well, if the interviewer were the same gender as me, when they make the request I’d just say: “Ok, drop your pants and bend over”

  2. The draft board did the same thing to me back in 1961 — I was looking particularly butch that day as I was homeless. They gave me a questionnaire in gay slang and with questions like do you know what drag is (most straight people didn’t back then) and where do you usually go to meet sex partners. I told them I worked in a drag show, which was true, though I was a chorus boy and not in drag and that I picked up guys around Broadway and 72rd street, not realizing they meant in parks, clubs, bars, etc. Once they accepted I was gay, they were very nice. I’m not equating this to a refugee fighting for his life. It just reminded me of the situation.

  3. Problem is
    There are few truly honest people
    So, what’s the solution? How do you handle a massive movement of people amongst whom is a significant number of unsavoury characters.
    The good guys are always overwhelmingly tainted by even only a few nasties. Football crowds being a classic example. I detest the sight of football supporters but also know 95% of them are regular and fine people.

    Without question there are very many total wankers claiming gayness hoping to be recognised as a refugee and gain admittance. There are no winners. We are all losers as a just society.

    Only this Tuesday I was standing in line in Texas to renew my driver license and it was a long queue too. (American government services are surprisingly inefficient. )
    Anyway, I was surprised at the number of invalids, crutches, walking sticks and such like – until I was informed most are cheaters trying to jump the two hour wait. Such is life. And no, it didn’t work. All of them ignored by the tired clerks. I guess that didn’t go well for any person truly in pain either.


  4. Do NOT have a want for others wanting to come here into the USA. FUCK any personal sympathy. Those who want to come here for us to pay for them do not want. Do want them to must act to make their country theirs. Do now have NO sympathy for IRAN peoples who which all of a sudden expels the Jews who make that economy work for two thousand years. FUCK YOU TOO. Personally, bloe those nations up is right. BLOW !

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