Trans kid left in the open during mass shooter drill at school

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During a lockdown drill at a middle school in the state of Virginia a trans kid sat on the bleachers as teachers prioritised refusing to let her into the girls’ locker room over assuring her safety in a crisis.

The drill is designed to ready students in case of a mass shooting, the kids practised finding shelter in sex-segregated locker rooms, local LGBTQ group Equality Stafford reports in a Facebook post. However, the transgender child was forced to remain on the gymnasium bleachers throughout the drill rather than prepare for a potential emergency.

“The student was forced to watch the adults charged with her care debate the safest place (for the other students) to have her shelter,” Equality Stafford wrote. “During this debate, she was instructed to sit in the gym with a teacher until the drill was complete, away from her peers and identified as different.”

Teachers eventually decided that the trans teen should sit in the locker room hallway, a door away from her peers – a place unlikely to offer much protection during a mass shooting. Why kids need to be divided by gender in the case of a mass shooting to begin with remains a mystery to everyone.

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  1. It’s really no wonder, sex ed at this school is terrible, as you can see on the board from the ‘Uu’ drawing of an ‘uterus’ near the spinning top, or the shape of these ‘nuts.’.

    1. You’re so correct. What truly flabbergasts me, is that American ADULTS continue to use and promote the most childish/street ignorant terms for the human body and anything regarding sex.

      Probably half the visitors here probably don’t know what a vulva and/or buttocks are.

  2. Was horsey a substitute teacher there?


    Seriously now, would you be hateful enough to do that, horsey?

    1. No, I’ve never been a substitute teacher. There’s no way I’d work in a school unarmed. Look at that idiotic poster! Lock the door, turn off the lights, keep quiet, hide behind the desk … ROFLMAO. When a school is attacked by a mass shooter, every teacher, administrator, secretary, cafeteria worker, janitor, and yes, the school resource officer if there is one, should be SHOOTING BACK.

      1. “No, I’ve never been a substitute teacher.”

        That was a rhetorical question.


        “Lock the door, turn off the lights, keep quiet, hide behind the desk … ROFLMAO”

        That’s EXACTLY what you would have done. If you actually had any weapon, you’d be more the problem than any solution. Your position would be more like that disgraced officer from Parkland High School — hiding from the real truth. (Don’t bother ruminating to us with the b.s. I know you can’t help but offer us — it’s eating at you, we know.) Not to mention that any laws would prevent you from “doing any of that bravado.”

        Leave your “bravado” under your sheets on your bed where it belongs — in your phone with the rest of your porn.

      2. Then they’ll all shoot each other and the kids. But wait horselips will come to save the day, as the trumptard he is he thinks he’s John Wayne, except with a dildo up his ass. Also, he can’t shoot a gun worth shit.

        1. Actually, Horselips has it all figured out. He’d just throw the transgender kids in the hallways as decoys so he could run away to get his gun. Yeah, sounds right.

          1. How did I end up in this mass shooting scene? I said, and I quote myself:

            “every teacher, administrator, secretary, cafeteria worker, janitor, and yes, the school resource officer if there is one, should be SHOOTING BACK.”

            I am NONE of these people. Not a teacher, secretary, cafeteria worker (although I did own restaurants), janitor, or school resource officer. I won’t even be there.

            I was also a taxicab driver back in the day. As many if not most drivers, I have had the ‘opportunity’ to defend myself with a handgun. Thank goodness I didn’t have to shoot, or even brandish my weapon – merely revealing that I was armed was enough to deter the intended predation. I don’t mind saying I was scared shitless that the situation might descend further, fortunately it didn’t.

            I’m no hero. The concealed weapons I carry are either a micro .380 ACP auto, or a mini-revolver in .22 Magnum. neither suitable for gunfighting – they are considered “get off me” guns at most. Will they wound or kill? Of course. The important thing to remember is bad guys don’t want to get shot with anything because they know they’ll be arrested at the hospital. That’s the real ‘power’ behind even the least powerful gun.

    1. We’re only 2 years into a moron’s “administration” with a KNOWN racist, sexual predator and LIAR in the Supreme Court — yeah, it’s definitely going to get worse. Buckle up — it’s going to be a speedy downhill ride further into the sewer if we don’t make drastic changes this November/January.

    1. @TJ

      Thank you for reminding me of that point that I also wanted to make but then again I’m sure that Horselips would disagree.

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