Converse Pride collection got a bit queerer with new trans sneakers

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Pride sneakers have become a common sight around the season and Converse is the first out of the gate this year with a new collection. The popular brand is currently advertising the line on social media. The shoes are available for purchase now. They’ll set you back $60-80 (including shipping).

For the first time, trans-themed sneakers are also available. Most other releases have been rainbow-themed as a nod to the pride flag. Converse’s lineup includes eight different designs. All designs have rainbow-flags on the bottom of the soles. They’re available in both adult and children’s sizes.

The latest line doesn’t seem to be accessible in Europe yet but it’s probably just a matter of time before retailers across the pond start stocking them. In previous years, they have been available for purchase from places such as Schuh and Office. The former is actually stocking LGBT-themed Vans at the moment.

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  1. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars are the sexiest sneakers ever designed – on a slender teenage boy they make the foot appear longer and irresistibly make the mouth water, and the breathing becomes shorter and quicker. However, with these new models, I wonder if they’re shooting themselves in the foot. Teenage boys might conclude for whatever reason that Converse has gone a little too gay, that any model from them is code for the wearer being queer. Might Converse’s effort to attract the LGBT market inadvertently result in losing the Str8 kids? If so, this is a bad idea. Just as any boy wearing Calvin Klein underwear is stereotyped as LGBT, might any boy in Chuck Taylor All-Stars now also be suspect? I dearly hope I’m wrong.

    1. “they make the foot appear longer and irresistibly make the mouth water”

      And what [foot] length does your mouth STOP “watering”?

      Personally, I find smaller feet more “attractive” — and I don’t and never had even the slightest foot fetish. Just like I prefer smaller noses and ears (with no or very little lobes).

  2. Do read a book by a surgical sex change male and do understand nothing except the sex change body facts. Do not understand trans sex nor any sex other than male XY and female XX. ( Sexual anomalies, irregularities, et al &c, are not of sexual attract … unless, cough, cough, they are. ) OH ! This about guy foot wear for guys acting as gals ? More than obviously, gal styles for a guy is not the style for this writer. The M / F foot skeletal and other differences make such a thing as M / F versions of shoe / foot wear. There are more expensive but real ways to personalize. Go to a Lesbian bar one time only. Do not qualify.

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