Pretty people are more open-minded about sex & queer rights

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People who are, by today’s standards, physically attractive are apparently more open-minded towards many behaviours relating to sexuality, according to a study published in Social Science Quarterly. The findings indicate that having more opportunities to engage in certain behaviours can influence one’s ethical standards.

“When tempting but morally suspect options become more readily available, people often downgrade previous moral objections,” wrote Robert Urbatsch of Iowa State University in his study.

The study examined data from the 2016 General Social Survey and the 1972 U.S. National Election Study. Both of these large sociological surveys are unusual, as they took the extra step of having the interviewers provide evaluations of the physical attractiveness of respondents. Good-looking respondents were more likely to support premarital sex, gay sex, gay marriage, and abortion rights. But they were not any more tolerant of issues not related to sex, such as civil disobedience or marijuana legalisation.

“These results support the hypothesis that greater opportunity to indulge in a behaviour — as good looks typically provide for sexual activities — reduces the sense of moral stigma surrounding that activity,” Urbatsch said in his study.

But more attractive people were not more permissive in one regard. There was no statistically significant difference between attractive and unattractive people when it came to extramarital sex.

Urbatsch noted that it’s also possible that less attractive people tend to have less permissive views on sex-related behaviours. “In general, people tend to perceive situations when they receive less than others do as unfair and unjust, and want to constrain such inequality,” he wrote.

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  1. One of my theories about Italian boys is/was that they are raised to find themselves so perfect and beautiful it is almost impossible for them to find other boys repulsive. They may not be “gay,” but they don’t have the “yucky” reaction we Americans are raised to have to male genitalia.

  2. Very attractive people have always a geometric advantage over their less attractive competition in accessing sex. Add a pleasing personality to an eye-candy face and body and sexual contact becomes so easy “it just happened” becomes the rule rather than the exception. For the most fortunate, it’s almost work just keeping up with the demand for their affections.

    Naturally, the very attractive among us are understandably happy, and want others to be happy too. So it makes sense they would support others enjoying a fulfilling social life.

    And, it’s just as natural that the more ordinary among us would be more inhibited, as the article observes, to level the social playing field.

    Bottom line? That’s easy – LIFE AIN’T FAIR. Get over it.

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