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Alexe and Carl are pre-gaming at her place before meeting up with their friends at a bar. Alexe just transitioned, and this boozy evening might change the dynamics of their friendship forever as the two decide to have “no strings attached” sex.


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  1. Québec accent rules but thank gode (French for dildo) for subtitles! ;)
    Very moving story, too bad Carl does not really listen and realize what Alexe went through. Stupid horny men…

  2. I longed for a proper view of the boys body…being gay that is, aren’t we most of all here?

  3. Do not get it. Carl wants what Carl wants and off needs to go for it. Alexe wants what Alexe wants and off needs to go for it. The two of them boozing around is one thing. Alexe’s troubles can be of a share by way of talk but that is as far as Carl needs to go. That is as far as Alexe ought to go. The two are not compatible ? That is that. .

      1. The word “oft” is not of the comment. “oft” is a short for “often” but is also a word for “otherwise”, depending on context, as in “he oft goes to bed rather than”. Do mean the word “oft” in the comment but my typing and eyesight do not work together. Thanks.

  4. The short movies is being broadcast on the French/German cultural TV channel today.
    Already available on streaming on their web site or for HD download from CapTVty software (French).

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