Politician teared up talking about her gender-nonconforming child

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U.S. Representative Pramila Jayapal, a Democrat from Washington, has a personal stake in the Equality Act that was debated last week. “My beautiful, now 22-year-old child told me last year that they were gender nonconforming,” Jayapal tearfully told her colleagues on the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

The Equality Act would add queer people to federal discrimination laws, and at the hearing, Jayapal emphatically explained the bill’s importance.

“The only thought I wake up with every day is: My child is free,” the congresswoman said, publicly discussing her child’s identity for the first time. “My child is free to be who they are, and in that freedom comes a responsibility for us as legislators to protect that freedom.”

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  1. I’m fine with the gender-noncomformity; not so much with the “they” for “he” or “she.” And I’ll never accept the current universal use of “there is many,” “a bunch of us is coming,” etc.

  2. I don’t get this “gender-noncomformity”, what is this supposed to mean? That you don’t like the typical stuff as other boys/girls? It’s called having a personality.
    You feel like born in the wrong body, fine. But other than that if you do have a penis you are a boy, you have a vagina? Then you are a girl. Really easy. You can still be more masculine or feminine.
    For me this is just attention seeking, i wanna be special without doing anything special.

    1. Lucky you
      If you know who you are, if you know what tiny slot you you fit into – then hooray for you.

      I’m not at all certain about all this gender identity stuff but it’s beyond any question that some do have problems. It’s beyond any doubt (from experiencing my own youthful repression) that historic societal ‘norms’ are false.

      So, button up mister and pay attention when others are brave enough to communicate their difference.

      Just listen for a change. It’ll do you good.

      Surely isn’t too hard to understand Friday’s child and faulty penis – brain – vagina connections.

    2. Luckily something can be real and legit without you having to “get” it. It actually doesn’t matter at all if you understand or approve of it, just let people be happy.

      1. Am a weirdo. No one likes this creep. But this thing is and this am is what this am be, and fuck you all. Non-conforming is as new and as real as war. This selfish thing, as this writer is, does not like most non-conformers. Do Still Insist that you and they go and do your / their thing. WHY ? Must ask in reply, WHY do you even care ? A customer once asks that question, “Why do you even care ?”, as part of a dispute about an order, and the flash 💥 of realizing occurs. WHY DO YOU CARE ? 💥 Do care. Now ask why. ha ha ha

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