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I always loved posting music here every now and then and a surprising amount of people actually enjoyed that part of the blog. Of course it does things to your head when people keep complimenting your taste ;)


So I made a playlist! It’s a bit different than what I usually post here: mostly upbeat, mostly electronic, out-of-the-way music you can have on in the background while doing homework, playing video games, masturbating, these sorta things… hope you like it, I’ll keep updating it! (You’ll need Spotify, sorry about that, the player is free though).

Click here to open the playlist!

In case you don’t like the Spotify web player you can alternatively just put spotify:user:milkkore:playlist:3xzCCiVB5ZjuHEjX16MeSR into the search bar of your Spotify client.

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  1. For the many who don’t subscribe to Spotify, I have a request:

    How about posting the Song names and Artists’ names for those in your playlist in here so we can look up using our preferred sources to listen to those pieces of music? I’m sure it’s no more than a copy & paste exercise. OK?

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