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There are quite a few blogs out there about guys in varying states of undress. There are even more about girls, mostly with straight dudes as the target audience in mind though. What I was always missing was a queer blog for & about… everyone.

So of course I made one. Pink Lemonade (thanks for the name, Xag!) will feature pictures, videos and other titbits of cis & trans girls, femboys, inter people and generally everyone in- and outside of the gender binary. Because ecen in porn representation matters ;) Cis guys will be making an appearance too so if you prefer those, you should still find plenty of lewds to appreciate.

This does not mean by the way, that queer folks that aren’t cis boys won’t be featured on the main milkboys blog anymore. I just wanted a place where I can 1. post more of them and 2. also post girls. Because, damn, it’s hard to find decent blogs out there when you’re not exclusively gay or straight.

You can reach the blog either by bookmarking or by clicking on pinklemonade in the top right corner of this blog (in the hamburger menu if you’re on mobile).

There will be about two posts per day and just like with juiceboys these posts won’t appear on the frontpage of milkboys nor in the milkboys RSS feed so that people who would prefer not to see them can easily ignore them.

I hope you enjoy this new little side project of mine. As always, Let me know if you have suggestions! Thanks for your support! <3

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  1. Cool, and pink lemonade is definitely not cis lemonade, not “like God made us” but how we are and how it pleases us to make ourselves, with a zest of pink and rainbow lemon.

  2. Milk!:, Well done, another great part of the Milkboys product line. You always seem to know just what to do. I have followed you for more than 10 years. (I think). But its been a long time. Always enjoy it. Keep it up. I’ll be a follower for life!!!

  3. Hey Josh . . . I’m not one to make too many comments on your blogs, but I really, really love Pink Lemonade.

  4. Post
  5. YAY to this new part of the fold. All the people, all the loves, all the confusions, and all the human joy.

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