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  1. As many fuckers do say in bars and amongst their buddies and pals, be they gals or guys, many do say they do it, sleep if not walk away after, and let the asking for any answers for it all come later. There is many a baby to show an answer before any asking. After many asking and after much answering there is still the mutual shooting / fucking / aiming at / target getting / &c, &, so, on. To shoot first and ask later is less a defense.

  2. The more guns are normalised, the more gun deaths are normalised. Unfortunately, Josh, this one is a big no from me.

  3. Guns they do not make for mere show. The gun is for to hurt, injure, or kill. The gun is not some invent to show off. Such show offs show the intent of the gun. Way Way Way before the gun there is killing. Rocks and Sticks still do kill. Guns are as normal as killing. No one is immune to the killing instinct. Pacifists try to kill this here guy for complaining about their passivism.
    — OH ! She is love. Or, a sort of.

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