Pillowfort, a Tumblr alternative?

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If you were one of the Tumblr users impacted by the Tumblr porn ban, then chances are you’ve heard of Pillowfort, an up-and-coming Tumblr alternative, at one point or another. The site itself is largely inspired by Tumblr, although it touts several new improvements that make the service stand out compared to Yahoo’s microblogging platform. These include an improved home feed layout, better filtering capabilities, and a lax policy on NSFW content.

While Pillowfort is still in closed beta for the time being, some users already have access to the site and can meet other users, build followings, and join a wide range of communities dedicated to everything from Homestuck to BDSM. If you want to join, here’s what you need to know about how the service works.

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  1. Someone needs to get their alternative up and running. I’m still watching Cumblr.com closely and they seem to be getting there, but I’m not quite convinced that they can pull it off. What I like about Cumblr is that it would be a seemless transition from Tumblr in its interface.

    1. Yeah the truth is though, Tumblrs layout was never that great. If someone is building a tumblr clone, may as well make it a better version.

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