The art of Pierre Joubert

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Pierre Joubert (June 27, 1910 – January 13, 2002), was a famous French illustrator. He was closely associated with the creation of Scouting and could be called the father of the idolised image of the boy scout in France and Belgium.

He illustrated dozens of books and magazines with images of scouts and other boys in adventurous and escapist settings, shaping the daydreams of generations of teens.

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  1. His “The Jungle Book”-Cover is great, even as a kid I found it always funny that the boy somehow inculcated a sense of shame, when he never lived in a human society…

    1. “I found it always funny that the boy somehow inculcated a sense of shame, when he never lived in a human society…”

      Likewise, but toward the Tarzan movies, particularly Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan. Hollywood is so anxious to titillate but never use any common sense.

      1. Image what would have going on when in the new live action remake the boy actually would run around naked… The outrage would be so funny to watch and I would look really closely to spot the real progressives fighting for freedom and who are the SJW ones.
        And of-course the conservatives would declare war against Disney, it would had been so trumptastic, very powerfull.

        1. The Czech made for TV movie “Unexpected Encounters” had a young (8 ?) nude boy for half the movie. Family crashed on a planet, parents were killed, only the child survived. Science fiction version of an abandoned child, realistically portrayed, what would an infant or aliens know of human clothing.

          1. The film of which you speak can be found at Apparently, the boy is closer to 12, but there are some frame grabs to verify if this is the correct film or not. The written synopsis supports your original storyline though.

  2. I never saw any of his “Yug” or “Signe de Piste” books when growing up as a French kid in the 70s, so I guess they were mostly popular with boyscouts. I was more familiar with the already old “Famous Five” (“Le Club des Cinq”) and the “Secret Seven” (“Le Clan des Sept”), both series of adventure books with 5 or 7 kids and dogs written by British author Enid Blyton, translated into French for the “Pink Library” collection and sold by the millions.

  3. I once saw a drawing of TinTin masturbating into a bush that was one of the most exciting images I’ve ever seen, but I lost it and have never been able to find it again.

  4. I came across him on the internet a few years ago. I am trying to find an illustration with a group of boy scouts, one very very effeminate in blue shorts and the others milling about him. Probably sniffing the air as dogs do when a bitch is on heat and ready to be mounted.

    1. Always lovely to hear that someone remembers Niklas and Friends. I was actually the guy that helped translate them into… ok, translate is a strong word, as he spoke fine English and my German is suspect at best, but I would ‘Americanize’ his English translations for him. Was always proud being part of such a warm, wonderful project.

  5. 🙇🏼His art was truly exquisite… He appeared to have no fear of painting boys as they were, (as he saw & cherished them) not as society may have deemed acceptable portrayals at the time, no matter the age.

  6. Paintings have sometimes affected on me more than pictures. Because in paintings, the painter may draw as much ideal sights as he may imagine, while in pictures it’s not always accessible.

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