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  1. I haven’t yet read the articles but my thoughts from the headlines:
    Maybe queer “rights” is something imported to Poland (it does seem an authoritarian type of place) but there have been lots of queers in Poland for a long, long time;
    Glad to hear more people see personal preferences should not be related to qualifications for political office but they need to not see it as a qualification. Being queer is not a qualification for getting votes. There are ‘log cabin republicans’, horrible people with horrible views who give queer a bad name.
    Why would LGBT people Want to be in the usa military, a horrible organization for wars of aggression? I say the same thing about Native Americans joining the usa military. Reminds me of the Stockholm syndrome. Why join the organization that has committed genocide against you for hundreds of years?
    I am surprised it is not a larger percentage of porn stars who are bi/pan or whatever.
    Thanks for the articles

  2. FREEDOM > The laws we have enacted against discrimination regarding race, age, gender, orientation, and other protected classes are statute laws, and as along as they do not conflict with a Constitutionally guaranteed right, they may survive judicial review. However, the Constitution could not be more direct, or more specific, or less obscure than it is with the 1st Amendment which provides that Congress shall make NO LAW respecting an establishment of religion…or prohibiting the FREE EXERCISE thereof. Note that there are no exceptions listed, no mitigating or aggravating factors mentioned. Granted no right is absolute, behold infringements on the freedom of speech and the press with laws against libel, slander, inciting to riot, and the woeful and tyrannical butchering of the 2nd Amendment, but laws infringing upon religion, however well-intentioned, must be enacted with profound care lest they all be invalidated by the Supreme Court. No doctor, nurse or hospital should be forced to murder babies, no matter what the law says. I like it when the government has to walk on eggs, I like it even more when it is paralyzed. That government which governs least, governs best.

    POLAND > History, and time are on our side. Be patient.

    US VOTERS > I can’t think of anything less important about a candidate than his orientation. Party, ideology and positions on the issues are all that matters with me.

    MILITARY > It appears most people are by now ambivalent to the LGB thing, but the T is still a concern for many. I don’t know who decided to include T with LGB but we’re stuck with it. As far as leftist pacifists objecting to the military go, I’ll make a deal with them – hate on the services all you want, so long as you never, ever, call on them for anything. Defense, natural disaster, whatever. Deal, or no deal?

    PORN STARS > 60% are bi or pansexual? Wanna bet that truth be told, so are everybody else.

    WORLD EMOTIONS > Fake news. The article also states at >7 in 10 are doing just fine. That leaves fewer than 3 in 10 to be angry, sad, and fearful. BTW, they’re happy in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador because Congress won’t build The Wall and they all think that, sooner or later, they can join a caravan to the USA.

    SEX WORK > Sex fanboy here. As long as sex workers pay their taxes and don’t spread any diseases, let freedom ring!

    ONE GUY’S WAR > This smells of a large scale operation, such as would be undertaken by a government like Iran, or a big organization like the Family Research Council. No excuse for the hosts not to clean up this crap.

    CLIMATE EMERGENCY > Fracking is banned in Scotland, and Labour wants it banned throughout the U.K. Fine with me. Now that America is energy independent and an energy exporter, the less competition the better. If the U.K. want to arbitrarily restrict its own supply, fine, we can always use another customer. Every fucking penny the USA ever spent importing oil must be recovered with interest. Every last cent.

    AMERICAN STRESS > What, me worry? Sorry, I’m a happy camper. My economy is the envy of the known Universe, unemployment is at a half-century low, wages are increasing faster than inflation, the military is stronger than ever, NATO is paying its fair share, trade deals are fixed, the UN is dissed, they’ve started on The Wall, and thanks to the President and the Supreme Court my freedom is secure.There are 11,000,000 millionaire households in the USA – about 5 % of the population, and the number is growing FAST. Most stressed people are self-inflicted “snowflakes” and sufferers of Trump Derangement Syndrome, and who cares about them?

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