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  1. re: Half of Americans see Christian nationalism as national threat

    They’re at it again — finding nice, acceptable terms for society to mask what it really is: christian theocracy.

    This is an exact parallel to the creationism “intelligent designer” concepts, as, get this now: “provable science.”

    Also, very much like changing nazism into white supremacy.

    The religious (the absolute root cause of all of this) will always try to find “socially acceptable,” i.e. politically correct words to mask their true identities and goals. That’s why I constantly call ANYONE who “believes” in any of that hogwash are liars [at the very least, to their ignorant selves] and “religions” should be referred to what they are more accurately: Socio-Political Ideologies [SPIs]. And this article is just proof of that.

  2. GAY CANDIDATE > Fine…however a candidate’s orientation will have absolutely nothing to do with whether I vote for or against him/her/whatever. Elections are about ideology.

    TEXAS > I support the bill. Think about it -who wants a doctor that treats you because he has to, not because he wants to? Do you think he’ll really do all he can for you…or all he secretly can against you? A sign on the office door saying “LGBT patients not accepted here” would be a valuable warning. The last thing I want is an ‘affirmative action’ physician who privately hates me.

    JAPANESE TEXTBOOKS > Live and learn. Keep calm and carry on.

    THAILAND MP > Sooner or later stories like this won’t be written. Orientation won’t be news.

    INDIA > See Thailand above.

    EU COPYRIGHT > Not my circus, not my monkeys.

    CHURCHILL > Sir Winston was a good servant of his King & Emperor, and whatever policy faults might be perceived after the fact are dismissed and excused by the fog of war. And WW2 was the thickest of fogs. Let there be no confusion, it was Churchill and the British Empire that saved India from Japanese occupation, which would have been far more calamitous than the 1943 famine. But as we all know, throughout the developing and third world, there is a smoldering ingratitude for the blessings of British colonialism. As an American I consider myself lucky that our colonial civilization was essentially British, and not French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, or especially Belgian or Ottoman.

    CHRISTIAN NATIONALISM > Just another silly totalitarian-progressive effort to politicize religion in order to separate it from the protection of the First Amendment and make it more vulnerable to attack.

    YOU TUBE > Nazis burned books, Progressives want to burn websites. Fascists all, a pox on both their houses. Bans only inflame and increase interest, and delegitimize the oppressing authority, furthermore marking it as weak and afraid. Let the Nazis take their sick and twisted ideology to the marketplace of ideas, where it is sure to be vanquished by the irresistible power of truth and love.

    FACEBOOK > What! You’re still on FB? “What a maroon.” – Bugs Bunny

    1. “Just another silly totalitarian-progressive ….. effort to politicize religion in order to separate it from the protection of the First Amendment and make it more vulnerable to attack.”

      Those are just two examples of why I keep calling you stupid about politics and yes, your own religion [it IS PROVEN that atheists are infinitely more intelligent about “religions” than the religious themselves].

      totalitarian-progressive And you purport you went to a higher education college. You’ll never convince me with bullshit like that.

      effort to politicize religion Again, with your bullshit. The birth of ALL “religions” were intended to be political — that’s the very nature of them, by design — bar none. Hence, the reason they should be referred to as what they REALLY ARE: Socio-Political Idiologies

      1. I don’t remember ever mentioning college – I only attended 2 1/2 years – never graduated. (Long story.)

        As for your feelings about religion, spare me, you can explain all that to Him, when you stand before His throne of judgement. Don’t worry – I’ll be right beside you – I too have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do. (Don’t we all!).

  3. @Horselips

    “”I too have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do. (Don’t we all!).””

    No we don’t, especially to a genocidal maniac.

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