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  1. PUERTO RICO > Funny how an all-Democratic government, just like California only worse, can be so late to the dance. Better late than never.

    HAPPY COUNTRIES > Hmmm, I wouldn’t be too happy in any of them except possibly Canada because of its close proximity to the good ol’ US of A. Just seal myself up in a barrel, roll over Niagara Falls, and I’m home!

    DISCRIMINATION > What! It’s not a perfect world? Who’d a thunk it? It’s gettin’ better.

    BRAZIL > Foreign Policy For Liberals 101 – Foreign policy is about the acquisition, consolidation, extension, projection, and retention of power. If the largest, most populous, most powerful country in South America want to be our friend, shake on it. Move on.

    ROWLING > Guess what, JK? Lots of us who never read a word of Harry Potter are gay too!

    NEW ZEALAND > Thank God for the Constitution, and the natural rights it recognizes and upholds in the Bill of Rights. BTW, the oft-quoted estimate of the number of firearms in American private hands – around 300,000,000 +/-, may be off by half. We gun-crazy, law-abiding Americans may actually be holding over 600 million weapons, and sitting atop 25 trillion (with a “t”) rounds of ammunition. Whatever number is right, we’re keeping every gun, and every round. Bet on it.

    BORDER PATROL > The kid and her mom live in Tijuana, Mexico. Easy mistake to make.

    MEXICO > Mexico is like the ‘Pakistan’ of the western hemisphere. The government is in charge in some places, the cartels in others, local officials are on their own in still others. Corruption is pandemic from top to bottom, everything is done by ‘mordida.’ Obrador is right about some NGOs/CSOs.

    HATE CRIMES > Funny how this ‘fake news’ research ignores the hate crimes committed by liberal Democrats attacking people wearing MAGA hats, and the vandalism done to cars with Trump bumper stickers on them. And the hate crimes committed by Antifa and BLM, which include full-blown riots, need to be researched. The haters who commit hate crimes were haters long before Trump was elected, and they’ll hate long after he’s retired from public life. Haters gonna hate. Nothing whatsoever to do with rallies.

    FACEBOOK > Who cares? FB users obviously don’t since they haven’t deleted their accounts. Silence is acceptance, actions speak louder than words. If your sado-masochistic relationship with FB gets you off, keep calm and carry on.

  2. “”US Border Patrol detains 9 year old US citizen for
    36 hours after accusing her of lying about her identity””

    She’s a minor. There are laws prohibiting children from being kept apart from their parents. I see a good case for broken bones in this instance.

    1. Parents and children are kept from each other when either is suspected of committing a crime. One’s status as a parent or child does not convey any immunity from arrest and custody. Parents sentenced to prison, or children to juvenile corrections, don’t get to bring their relations with them.

      1. A rarity, horsey — I actually agree with every word you said above.

        But, in the time of Trumpism, I don’t know that any 9-yo would have committed any “crime” whether she “lied” about her “identity” or not.

  3. This writer fails to understand why Mexican laborers are all of a sudden of hate. They work for cheaper than USA people. They are here since before there is a USA. USA businesses hire them regularly since whenever. WHO is to BLAME ? Meet some down town at night 1000 miles away from the border seeking street walker work.
    — The COPS have nothing better to do.
    — Now the “they” want a wall to stop a them they allow for over USA 200 years. The Nixon WAR ON DRUGS failure they blame them for. As if BAYER aspirin and BAYER HEROIN are irrelevant.
    — Do fail to understand.

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