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  1. “”Leak shows US government secretly tracks journalists””

    Hoover never died. He was connected to a super computer.

    1. Yea, I was wondering how that was news…. even a casual look at history should be enough to tell anyone the US government has kept files on most people in the public arena going at least as far back as the 40’s, not just journalists.

      Here’s another news flash for those that don’t pay attention, the US government intercepts and records as much electronic communication as it can without telling anyone and without warrants. This includes that of US citizens if they’re communicating with people in a number of other countries….and sometimes even if they’re not.

  2. BRAZIL > For now, anyway, put those PDAs on hold.

    NORTHERN IRELAND > Oh how I wish the USA had something like the House of Lords. The U.S. Senate used to be a class act until it was debased and degraded by the 17th Amendment. As for Ulster, better luck next time.

    EQUAL MARRIAGE LAWS > Well, Duh! They needed a ‘study’ to figure that out? Kidding me?

    GERMANY > So what. This exaggerated over-sensitivity of hanging on every word anybody says about anything is oppressive, and contrary to freedom of thought and expression. We have the same problem here in America – there are actually grown adults who fret over what Trump says in Tweets. Trump lives rent-free in their heads. It’s hilarious.

    LUXEMBURG VS. ISLAM > The mouse that roared. He’s wasting his breath and his time on those savages. There’s only one solution to radical Islam – Crusade! And this time, no more Mr. Niceguy.

    HIV CURE – Don’t hold your breath, and for now, keep buying condoms.

    TRACKING JOURNALISTS > Just as migrating Central American “country shoppers” have learned to manipulate U.S. laws to facilitate ‘breaking and entering’ into America, they’ve learned to manipulate press coverage as well. The fake news media is a fifth column, and bears close scrutiny and prosecution where appropriate.

    RUSSIA > Now that Russia has made ‘lese majeste’ illegal, it only remains for Putin to stroll on over to St. Basil’s Cathedral, wake up the Patriarch, and have himself crowned as Czar Vladimir I. Russians seems genetically disposed to autocracy in one form or another.

    ITALIAN RAPE > You can’t make this stuff up. Well, dammit, how ugly is she? Enquiring minds want to know…

    FACEBOOK > Poor Zuckerberg. It’s not easy being a singularly unattractive billionaire twink. Oh well. When Ronan Parke won’t sell you his face, and Justin Bieber won’t sell you his dick, and you already have everything, what’s left to get besides the thoughts of your sheeple. Which begs the question, just how pathetic, weak and stupid are you to still be on FB? Since you obviously don’t care, I don’t care either.

  3. (1) Italians are no less eager to fuck ( rape ) some man than some ugly woman or some any other. IF any is in a bar & expects comfort, abode, decency from males as they drink amid male drunkards, they is a fool as much as they. Have no mercy for such. NO ! — Boys and Girls who physically succumb to horny religious leaders, and, others … use those two legs & run away. — The rape of any body asks one quest toward an answer … why are you there …. Sorry you fail to use those legs. Children might fail to have place to run to. Adults fail to run for, uh, to some other place with some other excuse.
    — YES, do fail to believe most stories of rape “victims”.
    (2) Why does any one care about the sex of others ? Governments pass laws to kill sex. DUH !

    1. Do mean, eight billion people of late, who doubts that reality ? Who cares about diffentia for real ? And, why bother ? Police have no crime solving for real ? People have no living to do for real ?

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