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  1. Yep, between Bernie and that coffee asshole mucking up the works, it looks like we’re gonna be cursed with another four years of the Oompa Loompa unless congress can get it’s act together enough to impeach him for obstruction of justice or abuse of power….

  2. SOUTH KOREA > It’s getting better.

    SWITZERLAND > …is a very interesting country. It’s independence was fought for and its banking industry was begun by émigré Knights Templar fleeing the 1307 persecution by King Philip IV of France. As one would expect, the influence of these Catholic warrior monks would be great and long lasting. But worry not – the Swiss will catch up.

    TRANS WOMAN KILLED > She was part of a ‘caravan’ of criminal illegal aliens, so screw her. She could have sought, and received, asylum in Costa Rica, Belize, Nicaragua, Mexico, Panama, or anywhere in South America, but instead she went “country shopping” for the best welfare deal and decided to make the USA part of her solution. Sorry toots, it doesn’t work that way. Note to The Donald: Build the Wall! Hurry up!

    AIRLINES > Why do they even ask? Who cares what sex or gender a passenger is? All they need is a name and any aliases to bounce against the no-fly list. And while the TSA folks running the x-ray machines might be amused to see chicks with dicks and dudes with tits and pussies strolling across their screens … a passenger’s self-identity shouldn’t matter.

    ISRAEL > First it was protests. Then it went to legalizing gay sex. Then Pride parades, then civil equality and job protection, then gay adoption, then marriage equality, then gender bending, and so on. As the LGBT+ agenda progresses, each new increment inspires new reaction, and resistance. That’s the way of it, sometimes. It would have been better if 50 years ago the whole thing was legalized at once, and done. By now, it all would been long gotten over with.

    NEW ZEALAND > See Israel.

    EU COPYRIGHT LAWS > I am amazed at the arrogance. The EU ‘parliament’ makes ‘laws’ and every member country has to obey? Thank God the UK had the balls to Brexit. Imagine telling the House of Windsor what will and won’t be. Kidding me? Anyway, if you don’t like the creators of intellectual property enjoying enhanced protections, feel free to author every new book and compose every new song yourself. Or, STFU.

    MIGRANT KIDS > Load the little bastards onto ships, planes and buses and send ’em back where they came from. And build the f*cking Wall so they can’t come back!

    4 DAY WORKWEEK > I scheduled myself a 4 day (10-12 hour) workweek for years and loved it. I worked Mon and Tue, took Wed off, worked Thu and Fri, took the weekend off. Never had to work more than 2 days in a row, always had a weekday off to get shit done, and the weekend for R&R.

    FEEL THE BERN > Whatever it takes to further fracture the Democratic Party, Maybe one day they’ll stop trying to be totalitarian-progressive fascists and go back to being Americans. Until then, MAGA – KAGA. “America will never be a socialist country.” – President Trump. I hope he’s right.

    OFFENDED SNOWFLAKE TEACHER > Two words: “school uniforms.” Problem solved.

    1. “Maybe one day they’ll stop trying to be totalitarian-progressive fascists and go back to being Americans.”

      That comment is all about the “Republicans” — not Democrats. Bernie is doing a great job of starting to make the Democratic Party what is should be: to the LEFT.

      “Whatever it takes to further fracture the Democratic Party,”

      No that statement is more directed to Trump and what he has accomplished to the “Republicans.”

      1. Quote: “Whatever it takes to further fracture the Democratic Party,”
        No that statement is more directed to Trump and what he has accomplished to the “Republicans.”

        I completely agree with you. The Donald has indeed fractured the GOP, and it was about time. The RINOs of the Deep State and the establishment-swamp have been revealed for the fakers they are, and fortunately many, like Flake, Corker and Ryan are out of office. A few, like Murkowski, Collins, and Alexander are still there. The Wall will finally and conclusively divide the skaters from the posers.

      2. Trump didn’t fracture the Reps so much as shine a light on the division that was already there due to them absorbing the Tea Party into their ranks. One of the very few good things coming from that jerk is so many of them are having their true colors exposed.

        Bernie and Hillary def caused division in the Dem ranks, if either one of them had pulled out of the race earlier so the other could focus on trump rather then having a deathmatch between them, we might not have the toddler-in chief. Pelosi has done a good job of getting the party to recover, but if they don’t get a clear winner early in the primaries they prolly won’t beat trump…. esp if there’s a popular independent splitting the vote.

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