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  1. “Teens hit with child porn charges for video of consensual sex” In the U.S. they would probably charge you with murder and execute you for committing suicide, if you weren’t already dead.

    1. Not far off – suicide is actually against the law – I have no idea how they enforce that! On this child porn issue it’s a fine line – charging children with child porn when they are the actors and the producers – the law straddles the line between protecting a “child” but prosecuting a “villain” all in the same person(s). I wouldn’t want my kids doing this but there has to be better approach to the incident than prosecution.

      1. Suicide is illegal because, happily, most attempts actually fail, and the force of law can be invoked to mandate medical and mental health intervention. The concept of assisted suicide for those in insufferable medical distress is gaining wider appeal across the nation. Living wills mandating ‘DNR” is a long accepted form of conditional suicide.

        A search of the Holy Bible and assorted apologetics reveals that with enough spin on several verses, including the 6th Commandment, one could conclude that suicide is outside the Judeo-Christian tradition. However, specifically, Scripture is silent on the issue, and also silent on the souls of suicides at judgment, and silent regarding their fate in the second life. I do not believe it is a sin.

        I support suicide as a legitimate option for those in medical distress, for those facing extreme embarrassment or shame for some serious indiscretion, for defeated military commanders, for captured soldiers and spies facing torturous interrogation, and for Democrats in general.

  2. DISCRIMINATION > And in an alternate, parallel universe where homosexuality is the norm, boys get pregnant and heterosexual marriage is banned, it’s not discrimination because…

    AUSTRALIA > And those straight boys have plenty of derogatory slurs for girls as well, and the girls have them for boys, and fat kids, and ugly kids, and really smart kids and really dumb kids, and who knows who else gets their fair share of ridicule. I’m sick and tired of politically correct hyper-sensitivity. Life ain’t fair and the animal kingdom is cruel. Live and learn.

    INDIANA > First, there’s a lot of misinformation about this bill, it seems that some people are actually forming opinions from media sources and haven’t even read it! WTF is that about? If a Muslim barber refuses, for religious reasons, to cut the hair of an atheist lesbian, who’s side is the liberal on? Answer: Sometimes a cake is just a cake.

    BUSH > Who cares. My real problems with Bush center around Common Core and immigration. Bush is a blue-ribbon RINO – look for a conservative candidate to kick his ass in the primaries.

    PAUL > Relax. Just because he isn’t allowing the Left to control the vocabulary and the debate doesn’t mean you’re in any danger. My real problem with Paul centers around his foreign policy. Paul is a non-interventionist, that’s one step above an isolationist, and I’m an imperialist.

    FACEBOOK > ROFLMAO, and you were afraid of the NSA?! Do I have to say it again? Stay the fuck away from social media! You might end up paying a very high price for free services like FB. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

    UK ARMS > To sustain a welfare state, you have to generate wealth any way you can. Like those government checks? Like that NHS? Then STFU. In today’s economy, if you want free ‘butter’ you have to sell ‘guns.’

    US SOLDIER > I’ll wait for more facts to come out.

    TEEN PORN > Can I watch? I like to watch! I love it when the system is bitch-slapped with a reality check. The best way to reform laws is to enforce them. Then all the unintended consequences are seen, and change happens. What a slut that girl is! I think I’m in love. (Her mom must be so proud.)

    11 YEAR OLD > This kind of misguided ‘zero tolerance’ bullshit is from the same totalitarian-progressive folks who brought you ‘gun free zones.’ Kids have been targeted and persecuted for wearing NRA T shirts, for getting a military haircut, for bringing a bag lunch from home, for eating a Pop Tart wrong, and a hundred other outrages – even for wearing an American flag. Nothing any school does surprises me anymore.

    1. Abut that boy who had his life ruined for having a LEAF in his backpack (that someone decided looked too much like a pot leaf) I have said for a long time that school officials need to start getting FIRED over things like this. Not just reprimanded in the court of public opinion. Fired outright, publicly and humiliatingly. If there started to be a trend towards people getting FIRED for fucked up decisions like this one, there’d be policy changes coming for the better all across the country.

    2. “Paul is a non-interventionist, that’s one step above an isolationist, and I’m an imperialist.”

      You know, “imperialism” is pretty much universally agreed to be a Bad Thing, as in “evil”. As in, a thing so evil that it’s enemies are properly referred to as “freedom fighters” rather than “terrorists”.

    3. Horselips, what more facts are you waiting for? If the soldier says he killed people for sport, why do you have a hard time believing him? The problem is most likely who else is getting away with murder over there.
      Your over the top contempt for progressives, The Left, and the pejorative way you frame us is offensive, but not nearly as offensive as the vast majority of your fellow conservatives would be in response to your sexual orientation or your internet viewing habits.

      1. What facts am I waiting for? Google Jesse Macbeth. ‘Nuff said. If you’re offended by pejorative framing, get over it. “Politics ain’t beanbag.” Funny you’re not so offended by Penboy’s pejorative framing of people of faith.

        I completely agree with you that many ‘conservatives,’ both political and religious, are intolerant of minority sexual orietations, but they are no less intolerant than the Left is regarding Christianity and religious freedom, the right to keep and bear arms, capitalism, Climate Change deniers and individualism in general (Google Hillary on ‘individualism’). No political ideology has a monopoly on truth and beauty. “Low information” voters abound on both sides. Sad, ain’t it?

        1. “Funny you’re not so offended by Penboy’s pejorative framing of people of faith.”

          Maybe because people of “faith” rely on too much bullshit from known liars. I’ll tell you what, produce that “god” you so loudly tout for all to see and I’ll be happy to apologize to you and all religious. But, in all honesty, as you, I and everyone else knows, that’s never going to happen.


          “… but they are no less intolerant than the Left is regarding Christianity and religious freedom, …”

          That is so laughable, it’s really pathetic. And, you’re still showing total ignorance along with others (your “bretheren”) who proclaim “religious freedom!”. Anyone with even reasonable intelligence (say, 13 yo or older) will know that “you people” aren’t (and have never been) losing any “religious freedoms!” ….. it’s quite literally the reverse.


          “… and individualism in general …”

          Please, horsey, stop trying to make us laugh so hard. Religious-right = individualism? ….. Oh, pulease! Get. Fucking. Real. That’s as pathetic as trying to lie that religions promote “open minds” …… Again, please stop …… you’re “Eve” already took ONE of my ribs ….. don’t make me lose more with the constant laughter.

      2. Your over the top contempt for progressives, The Left, and the pejorative way you frame us is offensive, but not nearly as offensive as the vast majority of your fellow conservatives would be in response to your sexual orientation or your internet viewing habits.”

        It’s about time someone else call out horsey for that which you mentioned. Thanks.

  3. As a gay Kentuckian, I didn’t have any problems with Beshear until he started opening his mouth and spreading discrimination with stupid logic a little over a year ago. I will probably have to elope or move out of the state if I want to get married to someone I love.

  4. About Indiana and other states like it.

    Horselips says that there is a lot of misinformation about their bill. From what I’ve seen on TV that is an absolute lie. When someone refuses to answer a question 6 times about how that bill could be used it should give pause to anyone.

    But here’s something everyone seems to be missing. That bill and any others like it actually steal away rights instead of protecting them. So, you’re gay and the baker won’t bake a cake for you in the name of his god is acceptable? Or the florist doesn’t send you flowers anymore, again because of his god not finding you acceptable? If you can’t do business with everyone because you have a god that says you can’t then go for a job in a coal mine. FINAL.

    See? I don’t give a shit about your god. I don’t care what kind of god you have because it’s simply not my business to care about the kind of god you have. But I’ll be damned before I accept someone turning me and my money away because of religiously based bigotry.

    That bill could very well turn and bite the ass of those bigots because the next person that could be turned away might be for an other reason than simple sexual orientation.

  5. I am a firm believer in the thought that the US is sexually ill. Oh no, there is plenty of sex going on. A lot of it gives cause for concern and even criminal prosecution. But we are so anti-sex that even a healthy sexual relationship is seen as taboo.

    As for the kids being prosecuted for child porn, I think there are healthier ways to deal with this, but this is the means that we have available at the moment. I would rather see children counseled and have them realize the potential consequences of their actions. At that age, sexual adventure is normal, but publication of it is not. They will regret this at a later age.

    As for the new legislation in Indiana, well I think we are going to have to see how that plays out. I am a firm believer that a person or business has the right to pick and choose its customers. They also have the right to suffer the consequences of those decisions. Typically in these situations sides are taken. One side will abstain from supporting the business while the other does not. Those that do not abstain will soon wither away as their friends will not go there or because it becomes too much drama. Eventually the person that makes that choice for the business will pass or move on and a newer generation will be more accepting.

    1. Withholding flowers or a cake? Meh, why not, but what about medication? It has been seen and done. All in the name of some god. What if, instead of a contraception pill, it was a life saving drug but the person needing it is of the wrong religion or race or what ever the excuse might be? What then? I could also be because the person is of the “wrong” sexual orientation, right?

  6. @Horselips

    “” horselips United States
    2015-04-05 at 17:51

    Happy Easter!””

    Meh, let’s make it Happy Spring Equinox!

  7. Virginia school suspends an 11-year-old for one year over a leaf that wasn’t marijuana and the article says that the boy, he, says it is marijuana and that THAT is why he is punished. THIS IS FRAUD. $$ Ten Million+ ==> SUCH WILL NEVER EVEN START TO HAPPEN. Since the Supreme Court put Bush into the presidency (rather than the also idiot Gore), there is no, to me, seeming legal solution by way of the courts for freedom, especially as the government defines anything they want as terrorism or a danger to the homeland. The very word homeland is redolent of Adolf ‘Heil’ Hitler, and all my family history and past is gone with his and him.

    Any reaction for that 11 year old boy has to be done beyond the legal. And THAT is beyond this site. I mean, can you imagine blacks gaining anything by way of web sites?

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