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  1. Arizona lawmakers could build a (fire)wall against porn… ;)
    Not sure if they want to ban iconic magazines such as Playboy too, that might be too “soft” porn for the hardened proposal.

    1. Porn is evil and inhuman
      Guns are great and next to Godliness

      American values

      ((Sorry for the dig…. but seriously pissed off with the total breakdown of common sense and intelligent thought across Europe and the USA.. Freaking hours of Brexit on TV this morning…. leaving me in a red rage of ‘fucking wankers’ directed at the whole of Westminster. Especially, let all Tories burn in hell..

      Now discussions about a British Muslim ISIS supporter wishing to return from Syria so she can get proper free care for her baby ???
      Beyond ludicrous….. and thoroughly exploited by minority vested interests.. ))

  2. Poland: Just what the world needs, another group trying to tell everyone what to do

    Jack’d: This is why you don’t put anything online you wouldn’t want your mother or boss to see.

    Study: There’s a reason my high school history teacher called standardized tests “multiple guess”… the only thing they’re good at testing is how well students can game the system.

    gay-straight alliances: Well bully for the straight kids… sept they aren’t the ones that need to feel safer.

    hate group’s domain: Genius

    collapse of nature: Life is resilient, nature will bounce back eventually… civilization, on the other hand….

    floods, etc: Don’t let them fool you, “the window of opportunity to avoid catastrophic outcomes” has already passed, now what needs to be done is to make plans to mitigate the worst of it. They won’t do that until it’s too late either, though.

    Facebook: Um…. did NO ONE pay attention in 2016? Why is anyone still using that site?

    Gillette ad: The media isn’t trying to judge how everyday people in any country feels about anything. They’re all agenda driven and only report on anything if they can find a way to further that agenda with it.

    Arazona porn: Oh good grief…. if the liberals aren’t trying to turn us all into a bunch of wimps, the conservatives are trying to turn us all into a bunch of prudes….

    1. I’m really surprised about the Gillette’s ad, and quite skeptic about the representativity of the samples polled, though of courser my gut feeling about it is worth even less. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any significant information on the links about the respondents’ demographics.

      To me it was obvious this was the wrong way to convey the right message. But hey, I’m not even American, what do I know…

  3. POLAND > A voice crying out in the wilderness. “What a maroon.”- Bugs Bunny

    QUEER APP JACK’D > Social media is its own reward. Give it up – get a life.

    KIDS > I would imagine that gay couples seeking to adopt a kid are probably automatically suspect and scrutinized to a very high standard. Compare any group of 1200 high achieving, super-motivated, exceptional couples (gay) with over a million generic couples in the common herd (str8), and you can expect skewed results like this. If gay families were as mainstreamed and ubiquitous as str8 families, I’m sure the stats would equal out.

    ALLIANCES > Bullies are generally equal-opportunity annoyances. They pick on anybody who’s weak or different in any way, not just queer kids. When Gay-Straight Alliances are long-running, they become institutionalized, acquire prestige and legitimacy, and then, by their very existence, create positive peer pressure that extends beyond their immediate membership.

    FURRY SITE > More social media. Who cares?

    COLLAPSE OF NATURE > Nature can’t collapse, it can only change. As long as there’s an earth, there’s nature, by definition. Eons, Epochs, Ages, Periods and Eras have come and gone since the Creation, bringing with them their own climatic and biological peculiarities. It’s not us, so don’t get your global warming panties in a wad, it’s just Mother Nature doing her thing.

    FLOODS AND TEMPS > Who cares? AOC says we only have a dozen years left anyway. Don’t worry – be happy. Party like its 1999! Let the climate hoaxsters and alarmists freeze in their caves, eating raw food in the dark.

    FACEBOOK > Who cares. Just more social media shenanigans. Get a life – a real one for a change. But it is delightful to see left-wing amoebas like Mother Jones and Facebook attempt to engulf and devour each other.

    GILLETTE > Sorry blade makers, I use an electric shaver. I do have one (1) old plastic disposable cheapie made by Bic or something, it’s new and unused, which I am saving for an extra-close effort when my daughter gets married. However, if I did use razor blades, which brand would I use? Gillette? Schick? Wilkinson? Anybody else? Answer: Which ever one is on sale. (You don’t think I give a flying f*ck thru a rolling donut about their ads, do you?)

    PORN & PUBLIC HEALTH > Quote: “… research that has shown pornography is biologically addictive.” Sex is biologically addictive? Gee, ya think? Duhhhh!
    Quote: “… excessive porn consumption can trigger extreme or violent sexual behaviors.” That’s bullsh!t. What it triggers is jerking off, and it’s an effective social lubricant among horny teenage boys, eager to experiment.
    Quote: “…normalizes violence and the abuse of women and children by treating them as objects, increasing the demand for sex trafficking, prostitution and child porn…” Nonsense. I watch a helluva lotta porn – gay, straight and bi, and none of it is abusive, violent, or objectifying. Nor am I influenced by anything I watch to commit related crimes. I’m sure there’s ‘objectionable’ porn out there, somewhere, but it’s definitely a tiny fringe of the industry. All the stuff I watch is people just having fun. Nobody gets hurt or degraded. All the models are happy and enthusiastic.

    And it’s not like gambling – I haven’t spent a dime on a single second of the countless thousands of hours I’ve spent watching adult entertainment on the Internet. Even much of the ‘exclusive content’ of pay sites like Helix, 8Teen Boys, BoyFun and BelAmi is found for free on sites like GayBoysTube, PornHub, and lots of others. Forget your wallet, just bring your Kleenex.

    If there are folks at large with porn-related behavior issues, lock ’em up and leave ’em there. Pornography is not a public health crisis, it’s a pubic health stimulant, and if it grows into an addiction, so what! It’s free, and to the vast majority of users, completely harmless. Keep your laws off my Internet history!

  4. If the Polish Mayor likes to smoke cigars, would that make him a “Pole Smoker?” I’ll get my coat. 😴

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