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  1. CONVERSION THERAPY > Never mind that it doesn’t work, we still allow people to call California Psychics and we publish the efforts of astrologers in our newspapers. So much for the “but it’s fake!” argument. And we allow students to participate in dangerous contact sports regardless of the injuries suffered. Since we now allow minors, even very young minors, to decide on their own what their gender is, and be treated psychologically and/or medicated accordingly, we’ve inadvertently opened the door for minors who voluntarily seek “conversion therapy.” Such a protocol entered into under parental compulsion should remain illegal.

    ANGOLA > Good.

    GAY CANDIDATE > Talk about a voice crying out in the wilderness…

    EGYPT > Muslims behaving badly. So, what else is new? Editorial: The Egyptians who lived 3-4,000 years ago were far happier, more successful, powerful, important, memorable, creative, artistic, accomplished and respected and impressive than the ridiculous people living there today. I don’t know how a modern Egyptian can gaze upon the splendid wonders of his ancestors without self-loathing.

    GAY SUPERHERO FILM > I was happy with Zorro the Gay Blade.

    AUSTRALIA PHONE SECURITY > Technology is advancing so fast that laws and law-enforcement can’t keep up with all the bad guys that are taking advantage of every new thing. Thugs use cellphones to set off bombs, to make drug deals, and a zillion other crimes. The danger from terrorism, organized crime and gangs is real and sadly the only hope for governments to keep the lid on is ever expanding infringement on our privacy. Apologies to Benny Franklin.

    TUMBLR > Totalitarianism and racism are peculiarities of the far left, not the far right. Virulent anti-Semites like Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, and the late Helen Thomas, along with ethno-supremacist organizations like La Raza and the New Black Panthers are all darlings of the Democrats. No matter what the variety – national socialist (neo-Nazi), international socialist(communist), or democratic socialist (progressive), a socialist is a socialist is a socialist. They’re all killers at heart, all dictatorial, big government, death cults. On the far right of the political spectrum you’ll find the opposite ideology – anarcho-libertarianism – little or no government. Just as crazy to be sure, but a lot less violent. You won’t find a single mainstream Republican endorsing white supremacy. You will find liberals endorsing white hate, and concocting nonsense like white privilege, white cultural appropriation, the collegiate rape culture, and so on.

    Back to Tumblr. It is a private site, made available under certain conditions to the public, free of charge. Tumblr has no obligation to soothe the political sensitivities of those over-victimized, offended-by-everything, millennial and generation z snowflakes. I would bet real money the combined traffic of all the objectionable sites is laughably small, with the same small group of miserable people going from one to another. Do you really think the porn sites Tumblr purged all enjoyed a unique clientele? Betcha dollars to donuts they were usually visited by the same group of people wandering from one site to another. I visited a dozen sites regularly. I’m one, and shouldn’t be counted as twelve.

    Tumblr isn’t done with its reorganization. There will be more changes to come. And don’t be surprised when, sooner or later, Twitter, and even You Tube, takes a walk down the same path. Big Brother, here we come!

    PORN TAX > The political fringe strikes again. This goes nowhere.

    GOOGLE CHROME > On the advice of a friend (retired programmer) I never installed Chrome, so I couldn’t care less.

    TEEN VOGUE > “Resistance.” While I intensely disliked Senator John McCain, I give him credit for leading the GOP resistance to everything President Obama did, and the achievement of not one single GOP Congressman or Senator voting for Obamacare. I’m fine with “resistance.”

    “Rebellion” is another case. I’m not at all comfortable with extremism like doxing, driving patrons from restaurants, attacking homes and workplaces, attacking speakers on college campuses, and really dangerous actions like Occupy Wall Street, the antics of Black Lives Matter, and the Bundy standoff over cattle grazing. The Constitution only offers protestors the right to “peaceably assembly and to PETITION the government for a redress of grievances.” Nothing in there about closing off streets, sidewalks and parks. Nothing in there about disrupting the flow of traffic, disturbing the peace with loud chanting, bullhorns and amplifiers, jaywalking, littering and curfew violations. And don’t even mention rioting – breaking store windows, looting, and burning cars and buildings. There is a fine line between “rebellion” at this level and “revolution.” I have no problem with the police shooting rioters.

    “Revolution” is actually more desirable than “rebellion” as far as I’m concerned. It is nothing less than civil war. While resistance and rebellion can annoy and aggravate society for years and years, a modern American revolution would be faster and final. Revolution is a game played without rules. The actual fighting would be short and fierce. (It’s only in weak, third world countries where civil wars last for decades.) The real bloodbath would come after – when the winning side rounds up and liquidates the surviving opposition, families and sympathizers. Don’t expect another Abe Lincoln offering “charity towards all, malice towards none.” This time around, no more Mr. Niceguy.

    1. “Never mind that it doesn’t work, we still allow people to call California Psychics and we publish the efforts of astrologers in our newspapers.”

      Never mind that it’s 100% FALSE, we still allow people to have and attend churches and our government to promote the total idiocy of all religions against our Constitution’s First Amendment.

      Notice how EASY IT IS to use YOUR OWN WORDS to refute pretty much anything you try to either promote or denounce.

        1. Let’s just START with ……

          “god bless America” after nearly every speech by politicians
          PRAYERS at the beginning (and sometimes end) of nearly every public meeting — including Inaugurals of politicians

          Legislations to FORCE religion upon every citizen of America:
          “under god” in our Pledge of Allegiance [1954]
          “In god We Trust” on EVERY SINGLE ITEM OF CURRENCY [1956]

          There are DOZENS more of this crap.

          1. Those are examples of government promoting religion, not promoting the idiocy of religion. YOU promote the idiocy of religion, YOU say religion is idiotic, government doesn’t.

        2. “Those are examples of government promoting religion, not promoting the idiocy of religion.”

          Those are the VERY SAME THING, you fucking religious idiot.

          1. My dearest, all-loving, all-tolerant, ever patient and understanding Penboy, pleeeeze forgive me. It’s just that you have this gigantic wind-up key growing out of the back of your head and I can’t resist giving it a few turns now and then. Enjoy.

    2. “It’s just that you have this gigantic wind-up key growing out of the back of your head”

      Do you know why I do/make the comments I do about religion? Primarily, to break the chain of religious privilegethat permeates nearly every society on Earth. And to show and offer proof that everything about religions are nothing but bullshit designed to control every society (and this is a FACT — not the bullshit that you peddle).

  2. What about the news of boy lovers like Kevin Spacey, Charlie Sheen and Bryan Singer being hunted by psychopathic liberals and conservatives alike? Why do we no longer represent real pre/peripubescent boy lovers only Postpubescent? Milkboys is on the wrong side of history tbh and it sucks dick. Change the website’s name to ‘milkmen’ if you won’t represent us.

    Lots of love from Ireland. xxx

  3. Dear Father McFiddley,

    How many times have I told you to get off that computer and attend your duties? There are a dozen 10 year old boys to “interview” for the new choir “position”. Remember they are too young by at least 40 years for a “prostrate” exam. And you never ever use your willie winkle to do it.

    Yours faithfully,

    (love and kisses)

    Francis xxx

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