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  1. Another elementary school library that won’t store the Sweet Pool game. It doesn’t say in the article, but somehow I have the feeling that they don’t store it in any game store or school library from any grade in Chechnya…

    Islam is bad for all the same reasons all religions are bad and fake, but their stance on LGBT issues really make so much more condemnable, regardless of what moderate Muslims say. Arabs invented mathematics, yet they don’t seem to practice it any more, or they would know that the 2 “sins” of being gay and an ex-Muslim apostate cancel each other and become a positive product, right?

  2. The race one is sometimes a point of contention, even within a single person. Is it racist to not be attracted to a certain race (such as not being attracted to black men?)

    1. “Is it racist to not be attracted to a certain race (such as not being attracted to black men?)”

      No. It’s called a preference. Ignore the politically correct trolls.

  3. Good job cherry picking pro-trans studies while ignoring the overwhelming evidence against it.

    1. And yet, you don’t provide a single, logical source for your ignorance. That’s called, not having an argument [see: horsey]

  4. CHECHNYA > Sort of a “Krystalnacht” in miniature. Oh well, just more Moslems behaving badly. So what else is new?

    TRANS MEDICAL CARE > There are boy docs and girl docs, adult docs, kid docs and geriatric docs, and so on and so forth. The last thing a busy physician needs to f*ck with is a potentially problematic, socially radicalized patient who might get offended if the wrong pronoun is used, or the paperwork isn’t set up to accommodate odd-genders. Physicians deal with the physical realities before them. If you have a taco between your legs, you’re a babe, if you have a frank n’ beans, you’re a dude, and you’ll be treated and medicated accordingly. The waiting room is full, everybody gets 10-15 minutes – sensitivity went out with house calls. Take your head game to a shrink, and a specialist – not a regular internist or family practitioner. They’re not ready for this yet.

    BULLYING AND SUICIDE > The article says 1 in 6 kids have contemplated suicide. Bullshit. 100% of kids have contemplated suicide. Curiosity about the nature of death is irresistible. Everybody has contemplated it, thankfully few have actually attempted it, and fewer yet have succeeded in the attempt. If naming LGBT as a protected class in law saves lives, I’m for it.

    TRANS KIDS > Back in the day homosexual sexperimentation was very common and nobody thought it was gay. It was just adolescents taking care of business. Nowadays, if you share an orgasm with your buddy you’re both instantly labeled as gay. I wonder if an effeminate boy or a tom-boy girl isn’t too quickly labeled by socially liberal parents and researchers. I suspect there’s some subliminal encouragement going on here, in a goofy attempt to be accommodating, inclusive and understanding. The research may be 100% right on and correct, but before I buy into it I want to see a lot more studies done, and not by researchers beholden, funded, or connected in any way with a social justice agenda. (We’ve all seen the monstrous hoax of anthropogenic GW/CC perpetrated by scientists funded by socialists and globalists.)

    CANADIAN BOOK BAN > It’s only banned from elementary schools, not junior high or high schools. The Catholic school board just has a different take on what’s age-appropriate.

    DATING APP FILTER > The vast majority of my adult gay experiences were (and still are) casual encounters. Not since a teenager have I had anything like LTRs with other guys, and they were really just friendships with benefits, not romance. I was precocious at 12, promiscuous ever since; as a result I’ve enjoyed bedtimes with every kind of featherless biped not yet extinct. But, However, Just the Same, and Even Though, I have my druthers, and that doesn’t make me a racist or a bigot. No free man should be forced to ignore his preferences for the sake of political correctness.

    ISRAEL > Good.

    ANCHORAGE SHELTER > The nature of charity, be it in the form of cash, labor or services, is the sole prerogative of the giver. St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital specializes in pediatric cancer, and they shouldn’t be forced to treat kids with rabies or malaria. And if this church shelter wants to help only cis-gendered women, so what.
    From the article: “There is simply no evidence that transgender people are more of a threat to anyone whether that be in bathrooms, locker rooms or homeless shelters.” Sorry, but the mere presence of women with dicks is threatening enough to many already endangered women, and their feelings and comfort counts too. If a bunch of atheists want to open a shelter exclusively for the transgendered, I’m fine with that, even if they receive some public funds. I’m grateful for the good works that anybody volunteers to do.
    FYI – I can find nothing in the Scriptures that addresses the issue of transgenderism. To have a mind at odds with your body is an inconvenience for sure, but it’s not a sin. I can find no theological basis for this policy.

    EU FILTERS > I don’t care what the issue is – to subvert your nation’s sovereignty to a regional “parliament” is an idea that should have died a long time ago. The EU’s Parliament is worse than the UN’s General Assembly.
    Britain is right to want to Brexit, and Trump is right to cut funding to the UN. Screw globalism. No matter what your nationality, it’s right of you to say of everyone else, “they’re not like us” and they shouldn’t run your life.

    AUSTRALIAN HEAT WAVE > As a resident of the Arizona-Sonoran desert, I’m used to summers in the one hundred teens (it’s a dry heat!). BTW, we’re having a wonderful winter this year – yesterday it was 78, today it’s still 71. One of the benefits of living in a resort community is…you get to live in a resort community!

    ANIMALS DIE OF HEAT > I hate seeing this happen, but animals are killed by everything -cold, drought, heat, you name it – anything they can’t instantly adapt to is fatal. Mother Nature’s a bitch.

    RUSSIA & UKRAINE > Appears Putin is looking for an excuse to intervene in Ukraine on a far larger scale than he already has. Not that I blame him. When the Southern states seceded from the Union, the federal government did everything in its power to get them back. It was our bloodiest war. Putin must gaze at the map of Russia under the Czars, or the USSR under Stalin … and despair over the rump he’s been left with.

    GERMAN ARMS BAN > First, the issue of Khashoggi. He was a Saudi citizen. Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy, and like it or not, as anachronistic as it is, the royal family has the legal power of life and death over its subjects. The law is what the king says it is, and he is above it as well. Khashoggi had committed “lese majeste” and the crown prince took offense, and ordered his execution. No matter where Khashoggi was living or working at the time, this is an entirely internal matter between the crown and one of its subjects. Khashoggi was executed on Saudi soil by Saudi officers, under the orders of their prince. And it’s none of anybody else’s business.
    As for the German government banning weapons exports to Saudi Arabia – good! That’s more business for us. Rheinmetall makes awesome stuff, but nothing the USA can’t do.

  5. “”20% of non-binary Americans denied medical treatment””

    How does it go again? Do no harm?

    “”CANADIAN BOOK BAN”” I’d rather go for a good old style bible book burning… :|


    I award you the century’s award for crudeness and intellectual cowardice.

    1. Hold on there Old Dan – let me get dressed. I don’t want to meet the Prize Patrol van in my underwear.

      Reality checks are often necessarily crude. But intellectual cowardice? Please elaborate. Thanking you in advance.

  6. Horsey

    With your love of absolutism and Monarchies I’m wondering if you were alive 240 years ago in America if you would join the Loyalist Cause and don a Redcoat?

    1. Let there be no confusion -I love everybody ELSE’S monarchy. I could never support one here. Churchill was right – democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others. But no system is always right – sometimes democracy is as deplorable as the worst dictatorship. Half the world’s democracies are in chaos, or up to their necks in corruption. And the sad part is when democracy fails, we have only ourselves to blame. With a monarchy or dictatorship we can laugh to keep from crying, and pin the blame on the folks in charge.

      240 years ago I would have been much younger than I am now, nevertheless, I would have been with Washington and the Continentals.

  7. Good to hear it. The redcoats a Generation earlier were bringing death to the Highlands of Scotland
    In Scotland and Ireland with some folk they have to spit in the ground first before they could even say that word. They were complete and utter bastards especially the troops from Hanover. BTW the worst troops in the Highlands of Scotland were Lowland Scots troops. Both parts of my country absolutely hated each other. The bells of Glasgow and Edinburgh pelled in celebration at mews of the Highland defeat at Culloden. It was a mixture of Politics, Region and Economics on both side. But with the Highland clans., clan rivetly also came into it. The enemy of my enemy are my friends sort of thing. It was brutal and totally unnecessary. It had ficl all to do with rwgqing Scottish Independence that was surrendered less than 40 years before and even Religion. 98% of Scotland was Protestant, and an equal number of troops that fought for bonny Prince Charlie was Episcopalian and Presbyterian. It was a blood fuss with bits as young as 23 and men as old as 70 being dragged against their will to make up numbers to fight for the “Bonnie Prince. Even though I’m a Scottish Nationalists and an Independence supporter, the Dtewarts/Stuart in my mind were the worst Kings to ever rule. The f1sy Stewart King Robert 1st in 1371 was an old old man who fought at the battle of Bannockburn as a young man in 1314. He survived into very old age until 1390. His son Robert 2nd was a cripple and a maniac depressent who died in 1406 when his son Prince James was kidnapped by the English aboard a ship to France becoming Ku g when his father died. Of a broken heart on hearing his capture. And these first two StrwRy Ku gs were the lucky ones. His son who became James 1st in 1496 was for 18 years kept as a prisoner of the English. He married an English noble woman called Joan Beaufort. He alienated his subjects on returning to Scotland and 13 years later in 1437 a group of nobles stabbed him to death while he tied to escape through the sewers in his Royal residence in the then capital of Scotland Perth. His son then a ended the throne in 1437 and moved the capital to Edinburgh. He was James 2bd known as James of the fiery face because of a hage facial birthmark. He married a Dutch Woman from Flandwts and died when Mons Meg the largest cannon in Europe at the time exploded during the war against England in 2460 raki. G the head of his shoulders. His son sycedde him in 1460 as James 3rd. He married Princess Margaret of Denmark bringing Orkney and Shetland under Scottish rule from Scandinavian rule since it was incorporated into Norway in 798AD that was yeiled to Denmark sling with Norway and Iceland in 1282AD. St Magnus Catjerdral in Orkney is the oldest Scandinavian Cathedral built starting in early 1100s. James 3rd was stabbed to death by his nobles in 1488 while his 15 year old son liked on gloating. His son who succeeded him as James 4th in 1488 married Princess Margaret Tudor in 1503 sister of the future Kunff Henry 8th. This lead his Great Grandson James 6th to inherit the English throne 100 years later in 1603. Meanwhile James 4th died marching against England in Flodden in 1513. 12 000 a Scots died in 30 minutes. The population of Scotland at that time was under a quarter of a million. 5% of the total population wiped out I 30 minutes. That’s like 18 million Americand dying in 30 minutes. His son James 5th ascended the throne in 1513 at a year old. Hearried a French noble woman Mary of Guise and he died after the Battle of Solway in 2652 against England when his own troops turned rail and left him. His daughter Mary Queen of Scots sucedded him in 1542. She escaped to France aged 7 in 1549. And was married to the Dauphin of France at 14. He was 13. A year later he ascended the Throne of France the following year. And she also became the Queen of France. On the death of her cousin Mary 1st she was acknowledged by Catholic Europe as the legitimate Ueen of England as Elizabeth was considered by many to be a bastard. After the King of Frances seth she returned to Scotland and married her cousin whose name StrwRy was changed to Sturt as he resided in a England and changed the spelling. He was also a Catholic and he himself had a claim to the English Throne after his soon to be bride Mary. Their son James 6th would inheite the English Throne in 1603 as James 1st of England. Mary was executed by Elizabeth after fleeing England during the Scottish Civil War of 1567 to 1572 in 1568. She was imprisoned for 19 years before being decapitayed on the orders of Elizabeth I February 1587. They tried 2btimes ri behead her with an Axe before the executioner took out a knife and sawed threw her spinal cord while she screamed in agony. Her son James 6th was at 13 years and 2 months visited by his French cousin Esmee Stuart in 1580. James immediately fell in love with him.
    Essme was the French zkungs bum chum. And immediately seduced the just turned 13 year old King by being caught giving him a blow job in his bed. James soon afterwards was caught by his Tutor buggering Esmee who was twice his age and an effeminate cross dresser. James had an enlarged tongue has a club foot and sfa looking eyes and was never given any agfection
    At 16 Esnee was sent back to France and died of a broken heart. It is suggested that James 6th and 1st was suffocated in his bed aged 56 on March 25th 1625. His son succeeded him in 1625 as Charles 1st lost the Civil AWar to Cromwell and was expected at Whitehall on 30th January 2649. After the Restoration in 1660 his son came to the throne as Charles 2nd. He died in 1685 of a stroke. Riddled with syphilis from his many Whites. His brother succeeded him as James 7th and 2nd and was chaeed out of e and Country 3 and a half years layer by his own subjects. His eldest daughter Mary and her husband and cousin William of Orange succeeded James. She died childless of Smallpox in 1694. He died in 1792 from Pnumonia after he broke his shoulder bone after his horse tripped in a mile hill whilst outvriding
    The Jacobites toasted “the little gentleman I the velvet coat”. He was huniedbackef and a Oefetadt. His sister in Law suceddec him as Queen Anne. She was pregnant at least 17 time and her heir Prince George of Denmark died aged 10 in 1700. She was called Brandy Nan. Grossly overweight and an alcoholic she ovetseen the Act of Union that united the Ku gdoms od Scotland and England and Ireland rjR came I to effect on 1st May 1707 ebdingbScotlands Independence. She died childless on 1st August 1714 and the Throne went to a distant relative from Hannover George 1st who spoke no English. The Jacobites proclaimed her Brother James as the true King as James the 8th and 3r Alsio known as the Old Pretender he oversaw 3 Jacobite Uprisings I 1715 1719 and 1745 to 46. This ended on 16th April 1746 in the battle of Culloden. It lead to the end of the Clan system, the banning of the Gaelic Langayde the wearing of TRan the playing of the Bagpues and the xarryi. G if wrPins that was not repealed until 1782. His son Bonne a price Charlie suceddec to his claim in 1766 and he himself died a despised alcoholic in zJanuary 1788. His brother a Cardinal was the last client to the throne as Henry 9th and 2nd. A Cardinal he could have no legitimate heir and as a paedophile couldn’t anyway. With his dwdayh in 1809 the Steeary/Stuart line cane to an end. They were all Cursed. Here endeth the lesson

    1. Relax. I was able to decipher it just fine. Thanx for the history lesson – but here’s one more for you – According to the 7th century Scottish manuscript “Vita Columba” there was a son named Arturius born to King Aiden and Queen Ingraine of Dalriada ( a small Scottish mini-kingdom that existed in the turbulent times after the fall of Rome). An 8th century manuscript called the “Martyrology of Oengus the Culdee” reports a daughter of King Aiden as Morganna. The Arthurian legend begins to fill out. Other manuscripts state this very same Arturius was named Dux Bellorum in 575 at age 16, and he, as a de-facto king, led a coalition of other minor kings in the resistance against the Saxon and Pict invaders, winning the decisive battle of Mt. Baden which froze the Saxon advance for decades.

      King Arthur was a Scot! How cool is that! How he ended up buried at Glastonbury is another story.

  8. And before some smart arse starts I’m doing this from memory on a mobile and I’m tired. I can’t spellcheck it all in 4 minutes. That should read boys as young as 24.

  9. Ffs boys as young as 13. My eyes are starting to close. I wish I proof read this before I clicked send. I edited last bit 3 seconds before it closed. Jesus Christ the numbers are even wrong. They are over the place. I née. Y bed. If you ban read between the lines you will my drift.

    1. “I wish I proof read this before I clicked send.”

      Here’s a good hint: use a separate plain text editor — do all your typing and proofing in that, then COPY [or cut if you’re absolute] it into whatever site’s ‘editor’ you need to — and it’s all proofed — including separating paragraphs to make it easier to read.

      I do this all the time (and I still sometimes make some mistakes).

  10. I have just read all that for the first time. FUCKING HELL. It looks as if it was typed out by a dyslexic alcoholic. Time I got a computer again instead of relying on this fucking mobile. I never proof read. I always reqd it after I send it and redo the many spelling mistakes. I would need 40 minutes to redo that long entry. I sincerely apologise. It’s fucking unreadable.

    1. “Time I got a computer again instead of relying on this fucking mobile.”

      You might look into ‘pads’ — like a Samsung Tab A or something like that (or better one if you can afford it). They can be a convenient compromise between the two — you can see better, type better and proof better. Just get a good case to protect and to help ‘prop it up’ if you’re sitting somewhere.

      Just a suggestion.

  11. Josh, could you please delete all my entries for Periodical Political Post 86 please. Thank you. Stephen.

  12. For anyone reading this waffle before it is deleted as I asked Josh to do, I slipped on the ice 2 days ago, I’m confined to bed with only my mobile for company I’m on very strong painkillers and have slept only 3 hours in the last 24 hours.

  13. Cheers Penboy. I might just look it up and buy it. Ta. Feeling a bit better. All black and blue down right side. Cracked 3 ribs. Hairline fractures. I’m on enough painkillers and anti inflammatories to knock out a horse.

    1. “enough painkillers and anti inflammatories to knock out a horse.”

      Give my condolences to horsey.

  14. I was always lead to believe he was born in Lothian in Scotland. Now from about 630AD Lothian was overrun by the Angles who became Christian a few years before. Before that however according to legend Arthur was born in Lothian which was a Brythonic Celtic People’s who spoke a form of Welsh like a lot of what became Southern Scotland. The aenglush came from Germany and Denmark, v the Scots from Ireland. I agree Arthur was born in a Scotland that is today, but as I said I always thought he was a Welsh speaking Btiton as was all natives South of Antonine Wall North of Glasgow. The apucts to the North spoke a very similar language. I need to look that up. Cheers Horselips.

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